Thursday, June 2, 2016

How do I Present this to my Family?

Good evening ma, please I need your advice on this issue, I and my fiancé were planning for introduction and just this afternoon he came up to tell me that he impregnated someone while we were still dating, although I knew they had something but I never knew it resulted into a baby.
Now he has been pleading since then but I told him we are done with the relationship but he said I can't just leave him now, am truly confused, I don't know how to present it to my family.

Having a child is not necessarily the problem here, the real issue is his purpose for hiding such a vital information about the existence of his child until now. Why did he choose to keep this as a secret and what other secrets could he be hiding from you?
Well now that you know, please keep every other marriage plans aside and take your time to evaluate everything before deciding on what's best for you. 
Remember that his child will always be part of his life and if you still feel comfortable getting married to him, then you should be willing to accept and accommodate his love child. I will also add that your family should know every details of his personality so that they can understand the true picture of your marriage and what you may likely encounter with him. 
Maybe you should ask for more time to help you find out more about his relationship with the lady, his family and his personal relationship with God, you might learn some things that are very very vital for you to decide whether to continue with the relationship or move on with your life.

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