Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Not Interested in the Marriage!

My senior brother got married to a lady, not up to a week after their traditional marriage he had an accident and broke one of his leg. Since then it have been from one problem to the other, the leg have been operated on two times. Not until the Doctor asked us to take him that it is spiritual, this girl kept on insulting and humiliating him to the extent of pointing her hands on his face, so he ask her to leave his house of which our parent resolved it.
So my parent took the lady to village for her to put to bed, there she doesn't listen to anyone, she calls her mother on phone every minute and her mother will tell her what to do and what not to do since she entered our house.
Now my brother said he's no longer interested in the marriage, after giving birth she should follow her mother of which we are praying to resolve. Last month she went to her family and refused to come back, when my parents asked her to come because of her appointment and her condition.
She came in three days ago, went straight to her room and park all her belongings and went straight to where her husband is living without anyone's notice. When he saw her, he asked her to return to her mother because she is close to her date and since her mother registered her in another hospital in her village in case something happens.
She knows that he cannot carry himself let alone another person, without knowing that this lady's family is around, he opened his door, this lady's mother gave my brother eight dirty slaps, the brothers joined hands and beat him up that he impregnated her daughter and abandoned her in the village for her to be doing farm work.
He did not fight back because of his leg and she told him that she's going to make him crippled. This guy have been on the floor for more than a year, to eat was a problem, we send him money not until late last year that he started walking and resumed his business his wife have finished.
Now he said he doesn't even want the baby and anything that concerns the lady, so my opinion is needed, Help..

At the moment please let nobody remind him of anything that has to do with the lady, the baby or their marriage. No man wishes to get married to his wife and at the same time become helpless and incapacitated to meet up with his responsibilities as the husband and father of his baby.
For the lady to gather her family and beat a man in emotional pains and torture is an evidence that the lady never loved him nor does she have anything good to offer to his life.
While the doctor might say that what your brother is going through is spiritual, I will suggest that you refer your brother to a better equipped orthopaedic hospital where his bones will be well taken care of and supported so that he can walk efficiently.
Let her stay with her family and take care of his baby, all your family can do is provide all the his child needs. In the situation where her family refuses to grant access to his child, please report to the welfare department of your state so that they will instruct her on what she must do to take care of his child.
Someday he will heal from his pains and reach out to his daughter. As for the marriage, he's in the best position to decide whether to forgive her and continue with the marriage, that is if she's still interested in continuing with him or move on with his life.
Nobody should compel him to do what he's not emotionally prepared for or suggest that he keep a lady who has the potential to bury him alive. He deserves to be happy and to live in peace without stress and emotional torture.

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  1. I feel like listening to the other side of the story. The lady might not have handle it well but will like to hear her side


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