Saturday, June 18, 2016

She Mistakenly Got Pregnant for Him!

Good evening ma, please I'm so sorry for the long post, just want you to get the issue very clear. I'm an ardent reader of all your posts and I have learnt so much from it despite at times I don't keep to all the wisdom in it. May God continue to keep and increase you from strength to strength because indeed you are doing a great job.
Mummy, a friend of mine seeks for advice which was beyond me so I decided to direct the issue here for you to give her the best advice because you always have answers even with the most difficult issue.
Her issue is that she mistakenly got pregnant for a married man, mistakenly in the sense that she said she always take postinor after sex, so as it stands now she doesn't know what to do because she is a graduate who is still searching for job and from a poor home where she has younger ones that depends on her.
But the man in question here said she should confirm about the amount of abortion and get back to him. So please mummy she seriously need your advice on this and the way forward because she knows what she did was very wrong in going out with a married man with kids. Lest I forget, she's 26 years old. Thanks in anticipation for your response

You see no matter how smart or crooked humanity might be, they can't play with what God has ordained without getting burnt.
What your friend got herself into wasn't a mistake, because she carefully thought about it, she knew that he was married with kids, perhaps she felt that her vagina was fresher and healthier than his wife's own that has pushed many children for him, so she chose to offer the updated version of her body.
She knew that what she was doing was evil and she felt that she could use contraceptives to close her tracks and appear as the Saint everyday. She deliberately tormented the mind and the joy of another lady, she confidently and fearlessly rocked a married man and ate all his spoil because she's fresh, young and trendy.
Unfortunately, postinor couldn't save her one more time and painfully abortion may render her lifeless, barren and with a lifetime guilt.
In as much as abortion will save her of her head and make the innocent wife not know what happened behind her, unfortunately the innocent child that she's carrying didn't commit any crime to be aborted.
She knew that her family was very poor and her siblings needed her, but she needs to keep this pregnancy not because she hates this man but because she will be doing herself a world of good, saving her own future and giving herself a lifetime privilege of motherhood.
It may never be rosy, the man in question may not wish to hear that so she may decide not to tell him at the moment until the baby has arrived. Since he has asked for the abortion bill, she should calculate what she needs to take care of herself and her baby, send it to him and prepare for the delivery of her baby.
Or she may choose to inform him of her decision to keep the baby and then get her family involved with her pregnancy so that the man doesn't do something stupid or threaten her life.
But she should not allow anyone or any pressure to push her into killing her own baby or putting her own life in danger for the rest of her life.
I believe that with this experience, she will be wiser, and more discerning in her endeavours.
**Anyone who meddles with a married partner is actually poking into the hands of God, such an individual incurres the wrath of God and such an individual is cursed. And until such an individual repents and returns back to God, such a person will never experience peace or fulfilment in life because marriage is not just the same thing as a casual relationship but it is a sacred covenant ordained by God himself for the good of the husband and the wife.
I plead with anyone who is messing with a married partner to please desist from doing so because the consequences whether caught or not is never palatable to the individual.


  1. Amara, ur answer to this question was ok but u could not hide ur sarcasm. Thats not ok especially if u claim to be a counsellor

  2. I concur with your posit@anonymous

  3. I concur with your posit@anonymous

  4. @anonymous really?? That's the problem we have in this country always looking forward to hearing what we so desire.

  5. Mrs. Amara, please where did you gather all these wisdom from? This is the best piece of advice I've seen from you concerning abortion and maybe it's because this particular one has to do with someone sleeping with a married man. Like I will always say, God bless your wisdom because it is not easy to have such. Normally I drop my comment before reading that of Mrs. Amara but due to the first comment I saw here, I decided to read Mrs. Amaras' comment before dropping mine and auntie just made a very wise comment.

    No one messes with a married person and comes out healthy on the long run. The young lady getting pregnant wasn't a mistake at all because every step to getting pregnant was taken by the married man and the lady, so postinor or whatever it is called is just there to make you think you're good to go.
    When we see the truth let's say it, what she did was wrong and maybe this is how God wants her to stop messing around with married men. At least she has learnt the hard way, and abortion like Mrs. Amara said, might just be her end.

    Let others learn from her mistake if they will want to.

    God bless you Mrs. Amara.


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