Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Am Scared of Dating Him.

Good morning ma, I appreciate God for using you in this wonderful ministry. A month ago I met a man in a bus, we dropped the same place and he approached me and requested for my number, I refused to give him but it happened that we entered the same vehicle again to complete our journey, it was inside the second bus that I gave him my number.
To cut the story short, he told me that he wanted to marry me but we have to court first. In not less than three weeks of our courtship, he beat me up in the presence of my elder sister because he was suspecting that am seeing another man which is not true.
Before this incident, I called my friend that am in relationship with before I met this man to inform him that I accepted a suitor because I told him earlier during the time I met the man but his response didn't show that he was serious with me. It was when I told him that I accepted the marriage proposal that he expressed his feelings for me.
After that discussion with my friend I got confused because I really love him more the other man that I met recently, that night I prayed earnestly to God to direct me and in the morning I went to church with seed in my hand.
After pouring my heart to God with tears I sow my seed and went home. In the evening of that day something terrible happened, this suitor beats me in the presence of my sister and to the notice of other people and called me a prostitute and other sort of names.
Now he is begging me to forgive him that it was the handwork of devil, that sometimes when someone wants get married some forces will be attacking the person.
My confusion now is that of my friend, I love him so much but his mom said no because of church, I worship in Anglican while he worship in Catholic. What should I do? I can't stay where there is no peace and I don't want him to disobey his mom, I only want him to be a good son to his mother. But the other man I have forgiven him but am scared of going back to him.
My friend's last statement to me was to pray to God. But his mother really insisted that she is not in support, I only need this issue to be settled peacefully.

Please don't make yourself available for physical, mental, psychological and emotional abuse by accepting an unstable man as your partner. You deserve better than that and please be careful not to allow desperation to push you into getting married to the devil himself.
Since your first partner doesn't know what he wants and his spokesperson, his mother, has already issued a statement concerning her son's intentions to marry you, please accept her advice and move on with your life.
If he really loves you as much as you said, he won't just tell you to pray to God, he will talk to his mother and convince her of why he must get married to you.
Perhaps he's not mature to make decisions for himself. Kindly terminate all these unhealthy relationships and focus on developing yourself and improving on your skills and virtues that you need when you are married.


  1. Hmmm, biko is this desperation to enter a man's house or what? There is nothing I won't hear oo. You met him 3 weeks ago and you are already "courting" him. You date before you court. Adding salt to injury he is already hiting and accusing you? NNE isn't it high time you ran for your life or are you accustomed to battery that it has become part of you daily living such that you sweep such signs under the carpet? What are you praying about if I may ask? That's how you will marry him and end up running from one prayer house to the other, seeking for peace, or worse write to Aunty Amara again for counselling. Who even told you must marry any of the two men? I can go on and on nonstop... But my last advise is RUN RUN RUN. Say no to domestic violence!!! Imagine 3weeks he is still supposed to be wooing you and showering you with gifts in other to win you over, telling you "sweet nothing". What will he do to you when the relationship becomes 2years? Let me tell you, he will take you to the abattoir doing to you what the butcher does to the cow. Abeg no make me vex oo.

  2. If he has beaten you twice in about three weeks,.. Pls jst calculate how many times he will do that in a year,.. Multiplied by the amount of yrs u intend to spend on earth... If u can bear the 365/3=121.02 times a yr.. Den I 'l advice u to go ahead with the newest guy.. Best of peace!

  3. sometimes I wonder how we ladies jump into a relationship wit a man dat says he want to marry us at first sight of seeing us. Is dat hw desperate we are? In 3wks u are already dating him. wat happened to friendship b4 relationship. my dear pls move on wit ur life and forget about d both of dem concentrate on building ur life and d right man will come.

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