Thursday, June 9, 2016

Not Sexually Attracted to Me!

I'm a young graduate of 24 years, done with national service and currently doing my M.Sc program. Five months ago I got into a relationship, we are very good friends, we love each other, we believe in ourselves and we encourage ourselves. But I noticed two months later that he wasn't very emotionally attracted to me, so I felt it was too early to complain.
But months later he called me over to his place, we were very good and only for him to tell me that he isn't sexually attracted to me, like whenever he is around me he doesn't feel aroused, let alone wanting to do anything with me, so that has left me confused.
He really wish things will take a different turn but he doesn't know how to go about it. I love him so much and he does same too but I'm just confused on how to do this. Please I kindly solicit for your advice on this. Thanks and God bless you

There's something called the pheromones, it's like an aroma in a food that makes you desire to eat that particular meal. It's like a perfume that gives lovely scent to those who perceive it.
Everyone have a God given pheromones that bonds two individuals who are attracted to each other together. It enhances sexual connection with each other, makes them desire to be with each other, kiss each other, have sex with each other and selflessly pamper each other with love, affection and romance.
If two individuals who are in a relationship don't feel attracted to each other, there is no way they can enjoy sexual intimacy or desire to be with each other, even if they're naked and alone.
So if your partner does not feel attracted to you, he doesn't desire you, doesn't crave to be with you, his boxers doesn't shake or move in your presence, he seems too cold to be with you, please you don't need to pray or do anything about it, you simply need to move on with your and appreciate him as your best friend who you can't have as your partner.
Pheromones works more with a man's psychology and emotional desire for the particular lady that he feels that he's emotionally connected to. Women also have their own desire and they're very very sensitive to men's pheromones.
Since he has opened up to you, please appreciate him and his sincerity and move on with your life.

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