Monday, June 6, 2016

Threatening to Marry another Lady!

My hubby and I been married for eight years.
When I married him, I thought I needed a hubby urgently, I was 28 then and all my mates where married so I wanted to get married too.
He came and we dated for six months and we got married.
It was after the wedding that I knew he had a nine years old daughter, but him and her mum separated years back.

After our wedding, we moved to Kaduna, I left my job as a client service personnel with experiential marketing.
I also discovered he couldn't read and write. After our wedding, as a graduate of university of Ado Ekiti, I felt troubled, I thought I could persuade him to get an adult education but he won't bulge.

I have had two daughters and he still won't go back to school.
He's a furniture guru though, but I help him write quotations, receipts etc
We used to stay in the Christian area in Kaduna state, which safe for Christians. We attend church together etc
Until two years ago, he bought a land in a strictly jihad movement area in Kaduna.

He built it while I frustrated his efforts. After he finished he insisted that we must move there and we must use hijabs Etc
He told me in confidence that he was never a Christian. He pretended to be cos he needed to marry me.

Now I'm here, my business stopped, reported to my mother in-law but his deaconess mum supports him, said I should follow my hubby's instructions. I was born and schooled in Lagos, now I'm stranded in here

My hubby is dating an Hausa girl in this area, she practically comes to knock on my door to ask of him.
If it's in a Christian area or Lagos, I can report to the police or walk her out but here if one tries such, because they know you aren't one of them, they will wait for crisis and kill you or your kids
I practically receive phone calls in Hausa threatening me to leave this area.

On hearing about the Igbo woman beheaded in Kano, fear gripped my heart.
I want to leave here, I want to go back to Lagos and face my business, I want to sleep soundly at night.

My hubby has converted to Islam, I cannot convert, I refused to. I want to live my life for Christ. My family is willing to support.

But he has been threatening to marry another wife, he has been threatening not to pay my kids school fees, that's why I need to make a decision

I have also decided not to get pregnant because I cannot allow Islam rights over my child at baby christening
Please I honestly need your advice.

Just for your information, in Islam a man has the liberty to marry up to four wives, as long as he has the capacity to take care of them. So he may not be threatening to get married to another lady but is actually working towards getting married to another lady. 
When there's spiritual battle or crisis amongst Christians and they cannot agree on ways to harmonise their personal convictions with each other, it's best to reconsider your decision to get married to him and decide on the future of your marriage. 
And since you are no longer comfortable with him, his place of worship, his decisions in your marriage, and your life is under threat, please don't hesitate to help yourself and save your children from what may harm their life and your life. 
You don't need counselling to use your conscience or continue to live in a marriage where you feel choked, frustrated, tortured and abused. Negotiation and reconciliation is only possible when there's life, so don't wait for the inevitable before saving yourself and your children from a miserable marriage that is characterised by manipulations and deception.


  1. Good one Amara, God bless you...

  2. Pls dear pretend though nothing happened, one Saturday if he didn't stay at home, kindlidly dress ur kids put dem in car and drove off to ABUJA from there take off to Lagos tro airport or so,take only ur certificaedand atm cards with little or nothing to avoid suspicion or u can do it on Friday while he is in d mosque,or any other day,infsct u can contact me for a proper planning on how to do this,may God punish him ffor dis wicked act he wants to frustrate ur future n that of ur kids or better still kill u,since u had kids for him,jst contact me on strictly confidential.

    1. You are a very kind man Samuel Christopher. God bless you

    2. You are a very kind man Samuel Christopher. God bless you

  3. Kindly contact me privately for little professional advice on what to do.
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  4. Kindly contact me privately for little professional advice on what to do.
    Whatsup +254712766309

  5. My dear the Bible says watch and pray.... You have to be vigilant and run for your dear life before it's too late...

  6. My dear, pls run for you life. Do not carry luggage along or pack anything, his friends around may see you leaving and alert him,. Take only certificate, money and your children. Pls dress casually, pls take the next bus to Lagos. Pls switch off your phone as you do these.


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