Monday, June 6, 2016

He's Stingy and Unromantic!

We started dating last year around March, but we broke up around September and made up just last month (May). Before the break up, if I ask him for anything what I get is just never ending stories. I tried complaining one day, and his response was and I quote..."you keep asking for thing as if you are my wife".
This was the guy I broke up with my loving and caring boyfriend for all because of infatuation. It got to a point where I could no longer endure his insults, then I called for a meeting with him (he is based Lagos while I'm based in Abia) because he was around. What I understood from the meeting was he wasn't ready for commitment.
Now he is back saying he wants to marry me, hence he is ready for commitment. I told him I don't have anything to tell him until we see after camp(I'm scheduled for NYSC batch A stream II). I told my mom and my siblings about the new development because we run an open relationship in our house.
To cut the long story short, within the past one month, If I get angry he becomes angry that I'm angry. He is not caring, he doesn't know how to pet and very senseless with emotions. Okay, he got me annoyed last week because he came back on an official appointment and went back without coming to see me.
So I purposely said to myself that I won't call him again and whenever he asked I'll blame it on me not having airtime to call him. He wasn't sensitive enough to send me airtime even if it was a transfer of #50 which I normally do whenever he says he doesn't have.
So, yesterday I couldn't hold myself and when he called, I told him "must I sacrifice a live cock to you before you'll know you are supposed to send me airtime". He ended the call instantly and sent it much later in the day.
Again, I purposely texted him "thanks for the card. But I don't need it. Since I must beg my boyfriend for ages before getting anything from him. You can use it." Aunty do you know that this my supposed Bestie went ahead to use it.
I'm so so considering an out. But I want your candid advice before backing out the second time. Thanks and God bless.

You are relating with a rigid, stingy and perhaps someone who is emotionally not available for a relationship with you. He's too mechanical in relating with you, rarely calls, sees no reason to visit you, giving is like forcing a fowl to urinate and he's not necessarily interested in building the relationship.
I can't categorically tell if he's cheating on you but I can infer that there's something else or someone that is distracting him from the relationship.
My suggestion would be to give him some space and allow him to decide on what he truly want before coming back to tell you stories.
There's no loving if there's no giving. If you have to remind him to call, inform him to give, educate him to care and instruct him to appreciate you, for how long will you continue with this programme and what will your benefit be?
Relationship flourish when both partners devote their heart to support, encourage, appreciate, give and strengthen each other but in your own case, you seem to be the one pushing him around.

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