Thursday, June 16, 2016

Am I Wasting my Time with Him?

Good morning aunty Amara. Please I need advice. Am 23 years old, done with schooling and there's this guy I've been dating since 2011 though we met on Facebook. He lives and works abroad and since then he hasn't bothered to visit Nigeria at least so we can see.
He keeps postponing the trip and claiming to be busy with work. Although he calls and we talk for hours on the phone but I think its not enough.
I've complained about this to him but he keeps saying all will be well and that I should hold on.
Am thinking of quitting cos I feel am just wasting my time with him. Am currently not into any relationship except with him and I think he loves me but I don't know why he just can't make out time to be with me.
Thanks, I'll be waiting for your response.

If for five years and counting, this hardworking man who claimed to be passionately in love and desire to be with you couldn't make out time to visit you or perhaps pay for you to come and see him, please don't border wasting your life with him and parading yourself as being in a relationship with a man when in reality you're actually dating a ghost who maybe married to another lady there and is enjoying his honeymoon every night.
If indeed he's genuinely interested in you, he will definitely make out time to make this a bit mature and responsible by identifying with you and redefining the relationship from a social media hook up to a lifetime commitment.
I will encourage you to enjoy the calls but move on with your life and give your heart to a man who is emotionally available and prepared for a committed relationship.

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