Thursday, June 16, 2016

Is She Seeing Another Man?

Good day, with respect to my initial message sent to you(Read More here).
You advised me of finding my way down to her and we should both engage in dialogue and resolution. Well I travelled down to Lagos to meet her, unfortunately she disappeared and ensured she didn't see me for the whole day. I called her she wasn't picking up, she didn't reply my text, fortunately a friend of mine who accompanied me there contacted her and she said she is not going to come to see us that how could I come and interrupt her plan for the day, in fact this my friend was insulted with a lot of words which at the end of the day he got angry, he explained to her that she is not picking up and that's why I wasn't able to notify her of our sudden visit , at this stage I was forced to talk to her mother who actually knew us together.
She promised to sit her down, talk to her and as well involve the Man of God. She added that she has noticed things are not going well between us and she has asked her on several occasions which she said nothing was happening. Later she responded at the close of the day that why am I disturbing her peace that she already told me it's over between us, am choking her, I should give her breathing space, and that she is now beginning to fear me, that is there something attached that I can just let go. I replied her that I know she is not the one saying all these, someone/ some people are putting her up to this, this made her to throw up and said nobody is putting her up to act, that she took her decision and that's final, she said I can go to hell or even die if I want to die that life still goes on.
Ma at this point am confused and all I need to see her for is to hear where I actually went wrong. So many words unsaid here, I have tried everything to make this work out, but all I see is the harder I try, the harder it becomes, presently I am not thinking straight again, I get mad on little things and people keep on asking what is wrong of which I can't even explain to them.
Presently I have withdrawn from contacting her because am typically afraid of more insults. Please help me am dying, could it be she is seeing another man?

My brother and friend, I am pleading with you in the name of God not to allow fake beauty, complexion, fading breast and buttocks and whatever it was that attracted you to her to make you lose your peace of mind, your vision as a man, your passion for greatness, your identity and your lovely personality. 
While it's inevitable to love some individuals, it's entirely unhealthy for you to invest your life in a partner who is ungrateful, immature, emotional unavailable and psychologically unstable. It is devastating for you to date an individual who doesn't even see anything good in you nor have any respect for you. 
I have no idea if she's seeing another man or not but one thing I can assure you is that this relationship is not healthy for your wellbeing and your personality as a man.
Please love is not losing your identity to please a lady or anybody for that matter. Every individual will kiss the dust someday and her body is not laced with gold for you to continue to slip into depression and anxiety. 
I know that you love her selflessly, but it's time to remind yourself that you actually need this love much more than anyone else. You need to love yourself please and stop this torture and caricature relationship. 
You have done all that you should have done and have given your all to make the relationship work, but she has decided within her heart to move on with her life, please move on with your life. 
She will someday wish you were part of her life but before then, God would have given you an amazing lady who will love you in a manner that will only make you realise that God always saves the best for the patient.
There are so many thousands of wonderful and lovely ladies who are passionately praying to have a privilege to love you for one day, please don't lose your mind and emotions over a partner who God has not ordained for you. 
Don't push it please, it's no longer love, it's slavery, it's torture, it's a punishment, it's destructive, it's manipulative and it's not what you need as a man. 
Love is when both of you mutually meet the needs of each other, appreciate each other mutually, support each other selflessly and grow in wisdom, understanding and trust as partners with a purposeful future. 
Since she's no longer interested, kindly bid her goodbye and appreciate her for her time and love for you. Thank her mother and your pastor for everything and close that chapter of your life. 
Will it be easy for you? I know that it won't but always remember that you are not the person who saw the need for a partner and a wife in your life, God first did and made provision for you, so he can't forsake you now that you need him so much. 
Keep off from relationship for now and simply love yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself, encourage yourself and be selfish for once just so that you can regain your heart and be strong enough to give love. 
You will pull through this phase of your journey and I assure you that God will give you a partner that will pamper you much more than pampers does for the babies.


  1. God bless you Sister Amara. The truth should be said.
    God bless you Ma.

  2. please open your eyes and see, the so called man acting as intermediary for the two of you is her lover. I don't know why people are so foolish. the man doesn't want to her to get married because they are dating secretly. so wisen up and stop crying about another man's secret concubine.

  3. Some people are looking for love dem no see. She see love she dey do shakara.plsss guy move on ohh.

  4. My dear that is a way God is trying to stop you from entering into unending sorrow and regret,you may see it as a bad omen now but when you finally meet your real wife, you will thank God for this incident.

  5. Hmmmmm, d man of my dream.....

  6. My life was destroyed when my husband sent me packing, after 13 years we have been together. I was lost and helpless after trying so many ways to my husband back to me. One day at work, I was distracted, not knowing that my boss called me, so he sat and asked me what it was all about, I told him and he smiled and said it was no problem. I never understood what he meant by it was no problem getting back my husband, he said he used a spell to get back his wife when she left him for another man, and now they are together till date and initially I was shocked hearing something from my boss. He gave me an email address of the Prophet abuvia which helped him get his wife back, I never believed that this would work, but I had no choice coming into contact with the sayings that I get done, and he asked for my information and that my husband was able to propose to throw him the spell and I sent him the details, but after two days, my mother called me that my husband was pleading that he wants me back, I never believed, because it was just a dream and I had to rush off to my mother's place and to my greatest surprise, was kneeling my husband beg me for forgiveness that he wants me and the child back home, when I gave prophet abuvia a conversation regarding sudden change of my husband and he made clear to me that my husband will love me until the end of the world, that he will never leave for another woman. Now me and my husband is back together and started doing funny things he has not done before, he makes me happy and do what it is suppose to do as a man without nagging. Please if you need help of any kind need, please contact Abuvia Prophet for help. His email is his website is


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