Thursday, June 16, 2016

Loneliness Drove me to His Arms!

Good morning ma, thank you so much for all the advice you've been giving out. I am a member of your group, have been following you and learning a lot but I have this huge burden that is disturbing me and I don't know how to over come it, but I believe your advice and prayers will help me out.
Am a married woman, I love my husband but I have been cheating on him and I don't know how to stop. It all started last year after my wedding, things weren't moving fine for us, was in my final year in school then.
My husband will travel for four months looking for what to do to get money, and I will be lonely and be horny. When he comes back he won't be able to last more than two minutes. I will complain and try to bring his attention to what I need, but he will tell me that sex was the last thing in his heart cos we are not financial stable.
I become so lonely and bored, I can stay for months without sex but I endured and tried to understand. I suffered two painful miscarriages which he was never around, but I never complained cos I knew he was trying and he loves me a lot. But the loneliness drove me into the hands of another man and I don't know how to end it now, and I really want to.
Am pregnant now 16 weeks gone, don't know if it's my husband's own or the other man but am keeping it and my husband is excited about the pregnancy.
Am feeling bad, don't know how to stop. Please aunty help your daughter out. I don't want my marriage to end. I love my husband and I want to be faithful to him. This is not who I use to be. My family and friends won't believe I can do this cos I use to be a strong Christian and a disciplined woman.
Have been dying in silence, and I can't take it. Please aunty talk to me and help me. thanks waiting for your reply.

If I tell you that I was not broken by your mail, I will be telling lies. Madam, I understand that you were horny and lonely, I also know that it was a difficult moment for you and a challenging time for you and your husband. 
Madam, your husband was working tirelessly hard to ensure that you have food in your stomach, shelter over your head and clothing to cover your nakedness so that both of you can make love without feeling hungry, have sex in the privacy of your room and clothe yourself as you desire.
Your husband maybe a two minutes man who was still getting used to sexual intimacy and wasn't experienced in lovemaking, but he sacrificed his pleasure for your happiness. 
Please ma, why did you choose to reward your husband in this manner? Why did you choose to punish your husband in this manner? Why did you choose to strip him of his integrity, pride and joy as a man? 
Why did you allow the devil to manipulate you into sleeping with a man whose intentions is to make you a laughing stock in life and whose purpose is to destroy your marriage?
Madam, if you were so horny that you couldn't help it anymore, you should have approached and demanded sex from him, threaten to leave the marriage or at worst involve your families so that they can intervene instead of making a mess of your husband's efforts. 
I am not here to criticise you but I must tell you the bitter truth, you were selfish and insensitive to your husband and you will understand what I'm talking about if God doesn't show you mercy.
Please wake up to the realities of the devil's intentions, if you are ever caught, you will be thrown out of your marriage like a dead rat and will be reduced to a worthless lady. This hopeless man who claimed to love you will leave you to marry another lady and before your eyes are opened, your child will leave you and reunite with his or her father. 
There is no excuse that is acceptable for you to defile your body. There is no reason that is genuine enough for another man to behold your nakedness. So stop asking me how you will stop this madness and destroy everything that links you with this evil man. 
Please repent, please do repent and don't give the devil the room to make your life a miserable one. Don't even border thinking whether your baby belongs to your husband or to that man because that will be a simple ticket for you to return to your home.
Please seek the face of God for forgiveness and please plead with your husband to return back home and improve on his sexual intimacy with you. If possible, encourage him to write to me here so that I can give him some tips that will help him improve in his sexual intimacy and satisfy your sexual needs. 
Please, please don't return back to this mess and please terminate whatever it is that you share with that man.
Whatever sexual needs that you crave for, you and your husband can create the atmosphere to meet the sexual needs, there is no need for any other person in your marriage. 
May God give you the wisdom not to destroy that which God has blessed you with and give you the grace to stand in trying times of your marriage.


  1. Ma'am u nailed it, may Almighty God continue to enrich you with more wisdom.

  2. Hmmmm, my dear I understand that your heart is not pleased with what you are doing but the desire of your flesh couldn't allow to do the right thing even though you desire to remain faithful. I want you to listen to me, I know there is no justification whatsoever for what you have done but I don't want you to be so hard on yourself cos if you can't forgive yourself at this point in time, you will in no doubt continue with the same sin. As I write you this moment I want you to know that God does not condemn sinners, He only condemn sin and for the fact that your spirit is broken is a clear indication that He still loves so much and wants you to retrace your step back to him. So what I want from you now and I want you to act promptly is for you to get down on your knees right there where you are as you go through this comment and from a sincere heart ask God for mercy and as you do so, have that confident in you that He(God) has forgotten all your past at that instance and He is now seeing a new you. Thereafter, as a matter of urgency, delete that man's number from your phone, if he attempt calling you, tell him with all resentment in you that you are now change person and he should please never contact you again. Then as for the pregnancy, at this stage do nothing about it, just allow the pregnancy to go on, after delivery, endeavour to carry out a DNA on the child to ascertain the child true father, if it happens to be your husband all thanks to God but if is the other man, my dear, trust God that His mercy will also intervene for you and tell your husband the truth of who the child's father is, I trust God with you, your marriage won't break. Please beginning from this moment, spend more time in studying the scripture, listening to messages from God's servants and occupy yourself with activities in the Church, it will do you alot of good in strengthening you in moments of weakness. As for your husband, whenever he is around or even before he returns, try and be more emotional whenever you two are talking on the phone, after you must have encouraged him on the effort he is making to make money available for the family, try and be romantic on the phone with him and tell him how much you are eagerly waiting for his return. When he is around, do all the needful as a good wife, his food, water to have his bath and try to wear more of those sexy and revealing wears while at home with him, then please owing to the stress he is undergoing travelling to source for money, take it upon yourself to be in charge in the bedroom when he is around, make him to understand that you know he is a bit tired but you are here to take care of him, so you get the ball rolling and believe me with time he will come good, don't nag, just be patient and prayerfully remain steadfast and you will see the visible Hand of God igniting the love and passion in your home again.
    God bless you richly.

    1. I love ur comment, madam u can change ur environment and phone number too. Make sure when eva u are tempted to go back to his arms carry ur holy book to read worst buy sex toy to satisfy uself. God condemn adultery

  3. Lady Amara,am not comfortable with your last paragraph. This woman has destroyed her own marriage. In less than two years she already has a lover. May God open the eyes of her husband to see the kind of woman he married.

  4. @Innocent Eder you have spoken every bit of my mind. Madam in addition to what everyone has written please desist from this ungodly heart; because the Bible says Our body is the temple of God. And I know according to His word in 1st John chapter 1 vs 9,God has forgiven you that is only if you confess and ask for forgiveness. And please get close to the Truth which is the Bible. May God continue to bless you.

  5. There are question which are yet to be answered. The unborn babe in question who does it belong to? That's what she needs to find out because that will be her greatest undoing in her life.

  6. There is no justification for anything you have selfishly done, am sure you are crying now because of your selfishness. God gave a gift of a hardworking young man as your wedded husband and all you could do is to destroy him by sleeping around. Only God will forgive you for this selfish and devilish act. Do you even know the power of sex? I doubt, you are simply selling your husband other dogs with your insatiable sexual desire, you are the one tying his blessing and no wonder he has been working up and down with little or no result not knowing that you are the course of his misfortune. You are simply a disappointment, let your husband find out and know what he kept in his house as a wife....wife ke....issssshhhh, what a shame......may God and your husband forgive you


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