Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Am I Hard on Myself?

Thank you very much ma, please I need advice. Am a practicing Catholic faithful, and 29 years old, the issue is that I want to continue my faith but I hardly get someone from the same church.
Now am not getting younger and need a very serious relationship, but the eligible men are not of the same faith. Seriously am confused, I do not want marriage or relationship to come between my faith and relationship with God. Hope am not being too hard on myself too, please ma help me with your kind advice as usual, God bless you greatly.

When an individual encounters Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and personal saviour, when an individual develops a personal relationship with God and such an individual grows in knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God's word, his or her place of worship becomes the least issue in his or her life. 
This is simply because in Heaven there is no religion and there is no church that is already adopted by God as the 'perfect' church for humanity. And your place of worship is actually not what makes you a Christian but the word of God working out God's purpose in your life. 
If truly you are a Christian, your faith won't be dependent on your place of worship but on the word of God and any place where such word is preached and practised. 
So if you are rejecting all your suitors simply because they are not your church members, well you may be working against God's purpose for your life and may end up with the wrong partner. 
Your heart desire shouldn't be to marry an individual who is your church member (of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) but to marry an individual who have a personal relationship with God, an individual who desires to make heaven just like you do, an individual who wouldn't want to dishonor, disobey and do anything contrary to the word of God, because the word of God unites all humanity and all religious diversities. 
You come to a point where you don't hold your church at high esteem but you hold the word of God as supreme and final authority in your life and marriage.
However, if you feel that you cannot be happy in another church except Catholic Church, and your partner is not willing to compromise on your convictions, simply let them go and trust God for your own husband who will also be your church member.
Sometimes we limit God by our own desires and end up blaming him for not perfecting his promises for our lives. We will find absolute peace and fulfilment when we surrender our all to his authority and allow him to give us what we deserve and not what we desire.


  1. Now is not Christianity or a good an that fear the almighty
    And at 29. My dear u are on a long tin, I understand u both has to share same faith oo but plz don't leave important and be chasing priority

  2. Some men do not really care if u attend the same church with them or not, what they really want is a good and understanding woman to keep the home together, look for such a man if you do do not see any in catholic. look for that man that will not stop you from catholic BUT THE WOMAN follows her husband. Forget about your age, it only showed that you are matured to face the challenges of marriage.terms of challenges in marriage, only pray for an understanding man. its more important in marriage than AGE. it is easy to kill a cow than to kill a cat so size/age should not be made a priority but an a man with ATTITUDE in this challenging world.


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