Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why Shouldn't I Leave Him?

I have been in a relationship with this man for six years now, he's my first love, we love each other, and he can not go a day without me. Getting to December last year he proposed to me, and in March, he started doing something on my head, but the way things are going now is no longer giving me joy.
Things are going hard and tough for us, and our plans are not strong again because of money, but that's not the way he was before, but don't really know if it's out of hand. Have been praying to God cos I know is not out of hand, my fiancé keep crying everyday.
But I told him to wipe away his tears that everything will be alright, and I always consoled him because our heart bleeds together and we are meant to be, but sometimes I will be feeling discouraged, asking why shouldn't I leave him? Am I really leaving him because he doesn't have now or what? And wen my sense is back I will reject those thought. But I know that my God has not failed me, still putting all my hope in him! Please friends don't abuse, advice me on what to do. Thanks and God bless.

Nobody will abuse you or blame you for feeling the way you do. No matter how romantic, how beautiful, how lovely, how glamorous and how exquisite any relationship might be, it must be tested by the trials and challenges of life. There will be times when your plans might not work out as you projected, your funds may not be flowing as usual, you may have done all the ceremony and then find out that businesses isn't booming as usual. 
This is the realities and the uncertainties of life and what you can do now is not to think of running away from him or looking for a soft landing but for you to work with your partner and help him in any way that you can to enable both of you achieve your purpose for your relationship. 
This is not the best time to think of running away if you genuinely love him and believe in his personality and vision in life, but this is the time to forget about all other men and flashy things of life and focus on bringing out the best in your partner and helping your partner to become the best that you desire for him. 
Think of opportunities, businesses, ideas, and any other genuine means for both of you to raise funds and execute your projects so that both of you can settle down in your home and organise yourself for the challenges and the responsibilities of life. 
The good news is that hard times doesn't last and no matter how terrible things might be, it can never break the commitment, and the convictions of two individuals who are bound by love and is emotionally, psychologically and spiritually prepared to grow in love with each other. 
I believe that if you give your heart and your support to your partner in sincerity and in truth, both of you will overcome any obstacles and difficulties that may be challenging your relationship.


  1. I had such experience too during my wedding but because I was forcused and determined to marry my best friend and not be discouraged by the way things were turning, we had to cut down cost eg,instead big or elaborate wedding, go for affordable one.instead of wedding in town, where you get to pay hall,why not do it in the village during festive season like xmas. Etc. I did some work for some persons and got appreciated by the same persons and some other favours I wedding was not a hit of the town like I/ people thought it would be,but Iam happy I married my bestie cos many are already out of their's.
    If you run away now, for how long will you continue to run cos of the economy?
    Support and encourage the young young man, now that he needs it the most. And don't forget to say your prayers too.
    God will see you through

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