Tuesday, June 7, 2016

He's Wishing us Back!

I am N*** from Cameroon and am 25 years old. I met this guy when I was 18 years after my advanced level, we dated for seven years and got engaged in 2015. During our dating period, he was cheating on me with this girl who should be 31 years of age now. Because of that, we parted.
So he had plans to marry this girl but the family refused that he is a poor guy and so they parted too. He came back to me and apologized and we got engaged and I was pregnant. During that pregnancy he had promotion at his work place and a lot. I started noticing strange behaviours from him like drinking, not sleeping at home , not eating my food, not sleeping on the we bed with me.
I came to discover that it was the the ex that they had CE back together. With that, I had to look for the girl's number and sent her a text message asking her to leave my family. With that, my fiancée had to attack me telling me that he will marry the girl and I will not do anything
His abnormal behaviour continued until I put to bed and after three months, he came and packed his things out to meet that girl in her own house. But he made sure to pay our rent and also our well being
15th June, he got married to the girl in court by signing monogamy. After the wedding he has been begging for forgiveness and wishing us back that we are his family. He told me that we are going to sign a backdated marriage and that we are to sign polygamy.
Please ma help me because I am not yet independent like the other girl because she is already working and I come from a very poor home and am still in the university and is still the father of my son that is paying my fee.
What can I do in this situation please because I have asked him to go and talk with my elder brother, sister, and mother because I can't take such a decision without their knowledge. Please ma help me out.

By the agreement he signed in the court, he's married to the lady and you shouldn't accept his excuses and reasons, nor should you reduce yourself to sign for polygamy just to be under his reach.
All he owes you is provide the feeding cost for your son and take care of yourself. Since he's comfortable with the other lady, don't border getting married to him but trust God for your own husband irrespective of the circumstances in your life.
If he has legally divorced his wife and have nothing to do with her, perhaps then we can talk about his intentions for wishing to return to you.
A man who frustrated you, made you look like a laughing stock shouldn't be given the room to make you feel like you can't find happiness and purpose in life without him.
He has moved on, please bid him goodbye and stop panicking about his excuses and suggestions.

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