Friday, June 3, 2016

You are a Husband and Father; Take Your Place

Dr. Myles Munroe speaking to men at The Potters House
The church is the wife of Christ and He loves the church more than anything else. God wants you to leave His own wife (the church) alone and face your own wife. Yes, preach to His wife, rebuke her, and correct His wife, but go home to your own wife and sleep with her. Go and find out more about her and allow me to find out more about my wife. Shut down that church and go home to your wife. You cannot love His wife more than He does. His wife (the church) is a very mean woman and is going to destroy you if you don't run into the arms of your own wife. I always tell the members of my ministry that if my wife needs me and you are dying, we are going to have a funeral.
I don't care what your title is; go home and take care of your wife and home. The word father in Hebrew means source and sustainer. It is not enough to be a source, are you sustaining that thing you sourced? You deposited the semen and so what? That doesn't make you a father if you cannot sustain your baby. Your wife is your baby and so you must feed, clothe, and protect her because she is your baby. Do you pay the children's school fees? Some men spend more time with other women than with their wives and you call that Counseling. You are a liar! Some wives need to make appointment to see their husband; is your wife one of them? When was the last time she saw and shared intimacy with you? You claim it's about the work of the kingdom and service to the nation; you are of all men most miserable.
Look at it this way
You are the president
Your wife is the vice president; you don't at without getting her advice
Your children are the board members; you must tell them why you do whatever you choose to do
Your relations and neighbors are just clients who must come in and go.
If you have to bond the house together, it must be a corporate effort. Managment of the home is the greatest test of a man's ability. You win other's children but lose your own kids. You are miserable.
Are you one of those men who send their kids to church but don't take them to church?
Wherever you go at night, if your kids can't go with you, you are in the wrong place. If the language of your friends can't be heard by your kids, you are in the wrong company. If your kids cannot pick up your books and read and get blessed by them, you are reading the wrong book.
The power of a father spans through generations. Whatever you are doing right now is personal but never private. Whatever you are doing right now will affect four generations because that is what you are carrying in your loins. You need to break certain curses, hereditary curses over your life. Your great grandchildren are in danger now because you are doing stuffs that are harmful to him tomorrow. May God break that history that is frustrating and destroying you through your family line.
Psalm 78:8
The fathers supposed to transfer the testimonies of God to their children. You must stop leaving the family up to the woman. Rise and take responsibility. Go and turn your home into a university and see yourself as the president of that university. The family is Gods system for transfer of values. The family should never be substituted by the state. The state may transfer information but not morality and values. Let them ask how you can stick with just one woman all through your life; they won't even believe you when you say you have not cheated on your wife. Let them know that in your country (heaven) you don't commit adultery and you are faithful to one spouse. In your country, any woman who winks at you is crazy in your eyes. You are from another kingdom. When you are faithful to your baby (wife) today, you are not stupid; you are doing that for four generations in your loin.
Always be ahead, you cannot lead from
behind. If your wife prays for one hour, you should pray for five hours. If she easily gets angry, lead her by teaching her how not to be angry.
If you don't civilize your children at home, they are going to find civility outside. Let your children find their identity in your home. Never have children outside the context of marriage; generations after you will pay the price.
I put it to you that if we are going to be men ,real men in the home, we must live it.
These must come from your family
Self worth and self-acceptance
Convictions and beliefs
My Prayer for you
I pray that The Lord will give you the spirit of a husband and a father. I believe you don't want to fail; we all want to succeed. If your wife must have great respect for you, you must love her and show her that your family is all you have got.


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