Sunday, July 3, 2016

7 Ways to Boost His Sex Libido.

Do you know that men long to see their partner wake up the dragon in them? Well today I have some tips that will surely get him clinging to your body and desiring more romps and sex.
Here are some of the ways to boost his sex libido and make him long for sex all the time(I bet you don't want him all the time.. Lol)

1. Always be in your best image.
After God gave men light, the next thing he added to it was the eyes to see. Every man is constantly searching, looking, and excitedly peeping to see what's happening in your body, your laps, your hips, your boobs, your lips, and your eyes. He longs to see you looking fresh, elegant, succulent and adorable. He could cancel his schedule for your looks.
I mean this is one of the ways to get a man's attention to your body so don't go about your day in a wrong dress. I know that your body is not perfect, that's not his business and he simply doesn't care that your body is not perfect, all he longs for is to see you looking elegant in those seductive night gowns, bum shot, lingerie, sexy pants and bra.
Avoid tying wrapper all the time and feed his eyes with the beauty of your body.

2. Maintain Good Hygiene.
Men respond to your pheromones, and bad smell is a huge turn off for men. No man wish to come close to a lady who always oozes out repugnant odour from her body, let alone her vagina. So in addition to being clean, please make sure that you take good care of you body in such a manner that will make him kiss you as though he's licking a chocolate.
When you smell great, men will love to lick you up and that will strengthen your bonding with him, and who knows, there may be some romps and heated passion for the evening.

3. Avoid His Ego.
One of the greatest threat to a man's sexual prowess is his ego. Anything that crushes his ego actually crushes his libido. This is one of the most fragile part of every man. Don't challenge his authority, only suggest your opinions and give him some time to meditate and decide what he feels is the best for him. Avoid unnecessary arguments especially when it's obvious that you are no longer communicating with him but attacking each other. Nagging doesn't do men any good no matter the intentions, please try your possible best to avoid nagging at your husband or saying things that will crush his personality or ego. This is because when his ego is crushed his libido will be destroyed and even if you are naked, nothing will happen.

4. Give him some Erotic Massage.
Men respond to the touch of a woman who is attracted to him. So if he married you, definitely he has some passionate attractions for your body and you. So be generous and allow him to feel the impact of your hands on his chest, buttocks, penis, back and laps.
Don't just allow him to look at your body, but let him feel your touch by being generous with hugs, giving him some lap dance, allowing your buttocks to touch him or sitting on his laps and bending over just so that he can appreciate your breast in a 3-dimension.
By mere doing that, you will increase His sex libido and make him feel like having sex with you.

5. Talk about Sex.
Though some women are always scared of opening up to their partner when it comes to sex or sexual fantasies, on the contrary men get turned on whenever they listen to their wives talking about sex. They long to know what is on your mind and how you enjoy sex with him. They long to know about those things that turn you on and make you reach cloud nine. So don't feel shy about it but talk about it. When you talk about sex with him, you boost his confidence in sex and that means greater and better sex for both of you.

6. Compliment His Sexual Performance.
A man's greatest need is sex, also his great fears is not being able to satisfy your sexual need. Sometimes they go extra mile hopeful that they will help you enjoy sex. Sometimes things turn out pretty well, other times it maybe disastrous for both of you.
In all, don't nag about his performance on the bed even when you're frustrated by his performance. Remind him that you are proud of him and assure him that both of you will improve with time.
Massage his chest and rest your breast on his chest while you admire him. This actually help him regain his strength and soothe his heart.

7. Good sex is synonymous to good food.
When a man consume so much junks, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks and food that is rich in cholesterol, you are indirectly inhibiting his sex libido and that will make him to perform poorly, get tired easily and then rest more often. However if you take your time to prepare meal that is rich in vitamins and minerals garnished with vegetables and fruits, you are preparing him for great sex.
Though some men do not know, alcohol, high sugar content, cholesterol and nicotine amongst other substances inhibits sex libido and may directly and indirectly affect his sexual performance.
So cut down on fries and the likes and go for healthy meals and fruits and who knows, things might just take a different look in your bedroom.

Don't let the weekend be so boring that you and your husband cannot steal some time out of your busy schedule to have great sex with your husband and give him reasons to go for shopping to surprise you for taking good care of him.

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  1. Am not married but am so so thrilled wt this words of wisdom. Lol. Tnk u ma'am


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