Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Partner Disappeared with my Business Money.

Good evening ma
Please I need your advice. Am 29 years,  I was in a relationship with a guy for six years. Last year he gave me surprise of my life, when our introduction remained a month he told me we should cut off the relationship. When I told his parent, they acted, they promised to talk to him. Few weeks after I discover he followed his mother's advice to leave me.
Since then he refused to call me, not of last three month he started calling me, texting and showing care, please I need your help because the relationship am currently in now the guy does not want me to relate with opposite sex, he always check my phone but will not allow me to touch his phone, but one of my cousin told me he is married to two wives.
I did my research, I got number of his first wife I called her I was able to get the fact. I asked him he told me he did not have two wives but he made a mistake in past which made him to have one child. But before this secret leaked out, he collected N50, 000 from my business money and now I did not see him again.
Please I need your advice. Help me.

If a man is married, kindly desist from having any relationship or anything to do with him. I personally believe in the sanctity of marriage and it will do you a lot of good to leave married men with their 'mistakes' than to become an additional 'mistake' in their life.
Since you have the address and the contact of his first wife, you can trace him and demand for your money.
For the mummy's boy, I don't know what is on his mind currently but I will suggest that you give him a listening ear, ask him what he's not saying and the sudden change in his attitude towards you.
This will help you decide if he's now grown up and emotionally mature for relationship or his mother is still leading him on what to do and how to do it.

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