Thursday, July 7, 2016

Am in Severe Pains.

Good morning Aunty Amara. I've been a great fan of yours for years now, I've watched you save lives and I pray for more strength for you to continue your good works.
I've not been lucky in relationships, for three times now I always end up having heartbreaks. There's this guy I met on Facebook, we became friends, got calling each other every now and then.. He asked me out but I told him NO, he insisted, so I told him to come and see me..
He came around and lodged in an hotel where I met him. Because of the time he arrived I couldn't go back to my house again, I spent the night with him.. While there, he had series of calls he refused answering, they were all female callers.
Prior to his coming, he had already told me he was a flirt years and months back but has changed, that he's in love with me. That he can't believe this is happening to him, that people around him are shocked too.
So when we met, we were gisting all through till about 1am in the night when he rushed me and unclad me. He was about to have sex with me when I started begging and screaming. He didn't listen to me until I started suffocating. He got up from my body but was still sitting by my side. When I started breathing fine, he jumped at me again, I begged and screamed, then my breath ceased again,he left me.
I told him I needed to sit outside, while outside he was watching as if I move, he'll kill me. After some minutes I was fine. He said I should go inside, I refused. He insisted, I told him I won't until he fixes the bulb he had removed earlier, he said if so, I'll sleep outside.
He went into the room and came out again, carried me straight to the bed, this time around I told him I'll give him anything he wants but not now, that I'll die if he sleeps with me, he didn't listen, then I asked him to help me with my bag so I can take my medication, he did and I used my inhaler, after which he started asking why I didn't tell him am asthmatic. I explained things to him.
For a minute,he was looking sorry, so we got gisting again. I asked him why he was so wicked and cruel, if that was why he came to see me, "he said it was because he loves me and wanted to sleep with me". He started telling me how much he loved me but that he has withdrawn his love cos of the guy that called me while with him. He was saying all sorts of things, and later kissed me and said I love you, he asked me to kiss him back but I told him only on one condition, and that is he'll show me the conversation he had with my ex's friend,who's also his friend.
He promised and I returned the kiss and told him I love you too.. Then we slept. He paid for just one night and was expected to vacate the room by 12pm the next day. I was still sleeping in the morning when I felt something on my right ear, I slidely opened my eyes, what I saw got me confused, he bought earings for me and was putting them on me. I pretended to be sleeping, after fixing the earings, he sat just by my side and stared at me. It was like a mother staring at her sleeping child.
For like thirty minutes he stared so deep at me. I started feeling loved. Then he taped me and asked for my left hand, when I gave him, he wore a wrist watch on me and then continued staring, I opened my eyes, he came closer and kissed me. Ending it with I love you .
Hours later I asked for his phone, so 'll see the conversation he promised, he gave it to me and there and behold he was telling his friend how much he loves me but am not reciprocating. And then his friend told him, am good and loving, he should try harder. But if he needs his help, he can talk to me. The guy also told him,he had a dream I called back(that was when we had issues on phone and I refused picking his calls),and that day I called him back so it was like his friends dream came true. His friend advised he takes me back but should be smart. Go on with "point and kill". He replied him" Na point and kill go kill you" I too love that girl" She's so so intelligent, then my ex's friend replied "the girl is very brilliant but she has pride". Also in the conversation had series of flirty chats.
They were discussing Facebook girls they've slept with and the one's they'll soon sleep with.
After going through these messages I was confused, didn't know whether he loved me or not. He ordered for food and after eating, he rushed me, this time around not sex with his penis but sucking of my genitals. I didn't like it so I told him to stop but he refused. He roughly ate me up for more than 30 minutes, when I finally flipped off his hands ,I wanted to dress up and leave, he grabbed me from the back, led me on the bed and had sex with me. I cried and begged,he didn't listen. Before I knew what was happening, he released and jumped off. I ran into the toilet,fell down on the floor and started crying. He came and told me not to worry that he didn't sperm into me.
I had my shower, went to bed and was crying, he joined me in the bed and was comforting me.
About an hour later, the room service called and said he has exhausted his pay time,so he should vacate the room. He lay me on his body and was comforting me, telling me I won't get pregnant. It was now time to go, but I couldn't let him go. Reasons being that I wasn't strong and I was going to miss him badly if he leaves so quick. Thirdly, he would not get a bus to his destination by that time of the day.
So I offered to take him to my house, and then take him to the park the next day. While going home I bought P2 tab and took. On arrival, he kept on saying he wanted to leave, I kissed him and he kissed me back. He directed me on what to do so the inner and outer vagina cover will go in, I did it. He pulled his shirt and trouser and felt comfy.
He asked for indomie, I prepared it and served him. He had his bath and we both slept. I woke up again to see him staring and caressing my hand. I slept off again. It was raining heavily, when I woke up again to see him dressing up, he was about stepping out when I asked him where he was going to, he said the chemist, I knew immediately he was going to get Condom because he told me to get it for him when I went out to get indomie and I refused, so i started talking to him,asking him if he knows this place. If he knows what time it is (cos it was already 6. 45pm or thereabout)and what he's turning me into, a sex machine or what?"
I told him am here dying In pains yet he's going out to get condoms to sleep with me again. He came back to the bed and stayed mute. When I finished talking, he held me and apologized. He opened my legs and looked at my vagina, he said he was sorry. I started talking madly at him, told him to leave my leg and then I closed my legs, he stood up and said thank you. He wore his shoes,took his bag and left. I thought it was a joke, he left under the rain, he even asked me to lock my door. But I didn't cos I thought he was kidding, I just closed my eyes.
Minutes later I opened my door to check if he was outside, but he was nowhere to be found. I came inside and locked my door. At about quarter to 8, I hide my number and called him, he answered the call but I didn't say a word. I was just wondering where he is cos it was at that time of the night and under such heavy rainfall when my phone rang, I checked who it was, he was the one, I picked the call but couldn't hear him. He called again but I couldn't hear him, so I decided to call him. When I called him, it was breaking, the network didn't allow me hear him clearly, so I texted him"why are you disturbing me?" He didn't reply but called around 9.20pm to tell me "I'll call you when I arrive". I was half asleep, half awake, so I can't really say what my exact words were but I think I said " Arrive where,who's asking you?" Then he laughed. I can't tell who ended the call but as at now,he has not called back.. And am in severe pains, my inner and outer vagina cover is outside, don't know how to push it inside. It hurts badly.
P.S-Insults are welcomed, after all it's a social media but please be cautious when you use certain words cause no one knows tomorrow. I'm one of the disciplined persons on earth, but here I am today,dying in pains. I never knew I would ever experience such a thing.
We all need each other to survive, Thanks for your advice and thank you so much Aunty Amara. God bless you all.

It's very unfortunate that you allowed a flirt to experiment with your body. Right from the moment he met with you and the moment you decided to sleep in the hotel with him, it was obvious that he came to see, have sex and dump you. 
The point and kill that you read in his chat was the operation of many social media demon whose sole purpose is to lure as many ladies as they can into their net and sleep with them. 
For some, it's just not ordinary, some have lost their lives to social media dates and some have been initiated into evil manipulations as a result of these. 
To start with, please visit your gynaecologist to examine your vagina for infections and diseases and also advise you on how to take care of your body and address your vagina issues.
I wouldn't want to overstress what I believe that you must have learnt from this but I pray and hope that many individuals will learn from you and amend their ways. 
One of the rules of social media is that you must be responsible for your security and protection. You don't sleep with a stranger just because he claimed to love you or join a man who you met for the first time in a hotel, that's reducing your value, and giving him the impression that you are a prostitute. 
Please cheer up and thank God for sparing you alive because the story could have been different and more dangerous than this.
I pray that God will heal your heart and give you the wisdom and grace to overcome the manipulations and exploitation of wicked and selfish men.


  1. Abeg, how old is this girl? I guess a minor. . . . A lesson for other minors.

  2. Going to a hotel to meet up with him is actually where your mistake began. Secondly, you saw a chat between two boys talking of how many facebook friends they've slept with and how many more to go, and your mind didn't tell you that you are one of the facebook friends to be laid next. It's quite unfortunate but I really hope others learn from your mistake. Cheers.

  3. Dear risktaker,you just made a very big mistake sleeping with someone who could be a rapist, ritualist or serial didn't state your age,but it obvious you are in your early 20s and in experienced.pls pick yourself up ,go to the mirror and tell your self you will not be cheated by any useless guy again,face your studies and become somebody in for your vagina,see a gynaecologist,it is obvious that you slept with a man with a big manhood and he has dragged the inner part of your vagina out.

  4. Wow.... what a story! Anyway shits happens so get over it.
    Am sure u have rules as u sound intelligent but ur rules are not well guided by you.
    Now u need to have make some rules for urself that u will follow. experience is a teacher,

  5. I'm having trouble trying to understand why you didn't use your tongue to count your teeth when you read the chat between the two guys but really everyone makes one mistake,i only hope lessons were learnt.

  6. I'm having trouble trying to understand why you didn't use your tongue to count your teeth when you read the chat between the two guys but really everyone makes one mistake,i only hope lessons were learnt.


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