Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Partner Changed after His Family came for Introduction.

Good day ma, am an ardent reader of your page, please I need your candid advice and that of your fans. Please help me and post this as soon as possible.
Am a lady of 26 years and am dating a guy of 34 years. We have been dating for eight months now, and last two weeks he came to see my parents with his father for introduction.
My problem now is, since that day he has not called me and he practically changed towards me. When I tried to find out the problem through chat because he wasn't responding to my text message, he said his people said that they are not convinced with my people yet, that he should forget about it.
Note: My dad is physically challenged and I don't know if that's the reason why his people said they are not convinced.
I love this guy so much and he claimed he loved me too and though things has been going on well between us before the introduction, he always care for me and we have already made plans for our wedding before this issue.
Aunty, I don't know what to do, am so heartbroken and I don't know how to move on and the most painful part is that, he couldn't even fight for our love, he just concurred with his parent without even considering me. When I tried calling him after the introduction, he said he has a lot on his mind that he wants to be alone, that I should be praying which I have been doing, if it works out fine, if not we move on with our lives.
Aunty I don't know what else to do, I don't know how to feel over this whole charade because I can't believe is happening. Please help me,what should I do? Thanks.

I have no idea why your father's disability should be a challenge in your relationship. I also have no idea why a man who is convinced of his love for you will suddenly act cold towards you or solicit for prayers without even opening up to you and sharing his challenges or issues with you.
I am trying my best to to avoid making assumptions so I will encourage you to make out time, schedule a date with him so that both of you can have a heart to heart discussion and find out what could have been responsible for his current change in attitude.
The outcome of this meeting will then determine your decision concerning your relationship. Anyone who mocks others because of their challenges or circumstances that was beyond their control is actually mocking the God who made them.
It is never in your place to defend or fight for your father or try in anyway to cover him or be ashamed of him. He's your dad and God used him to bring you to this world. Anyone who rejects you as a result of his disability sincerely doesn't deserve you as his wife.
So don't feel bad or panic but find out what transpired before making conclusions and deciding on what's best for you and the relationship.

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  1. I believe there maybe other reasons for his sudden change of attitude which he's yet to tell you.

    It has nothing to do with your father's physical state. However, its important you get to talk with him. So you can move on with your life.


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