Thursday, July 7, 2016

Is it Advisable to Marry a Man who Earns N50,000 Monthly?

Aunty Amara good morning, thanks for the help in the past. God bless. Is it good to tell your man to come see your parents and make his intentions known?? Is it good to tell your man to engage you? With the way Nigerian economy is now, is it advisable to say yes to a man that earns N50, 000 a month? Thanks..

You don't push a man to marry you or pressurise him to do what he's not prepared for simply because you are ready. What is more appropriate is to see the future through his vision and find out what his plans are for the relationship the future.
On your own part, you also need to equip yourself with the skills, virtues and the finances that you need to support your partner and help him manage the pressure of starting a new home.
Gone are the days when a man singlehandedly caters for everything a lady needs while the lady paints her nails and sleep day and night.
Now you don't just ask for how much a man earns but you also ask yourself how much you can contribute to support him and make your vision a reality.
No amount is too small or big to start a family, it all boils down to planning your marriage and working hard to meet up with the basic needs of your home.
So don't just sit back and watch him toil and labour to make something out of the relationship, think of ways to support him and things you can do to strengthen your relationship and make your marriage a success.
The right question should be, if he proposes marriage to me, how will I support him financially, emotionally, and spiritually?
What can I give to make your marriage succeed and how can you manage your home if you have only N50,000 at your disposal?
When as a lady you think of ways to help your partner and not just how to benefit from him, I believe that many men who are working hard and have a good prospect will have the courage to get married.
Marriage is not a man's affairs but a joint venture and the success and failure of it depends solely on how both of you were able to manage your resources and responsibilities as couple.


  1. Even if d guy earn 100,000 monthly if u can't help him manage it its nt till going to be enough 4 d family. Or what if he earn 150,000 monthly n after marriage he loses his job, will u now leave him?

  2. God bless u 4 dis response aunty amara, dts wt i do tell my fiancee too, dt we need each other to see life through. marriage is nt a single affair bt a joint affair to succeed. not dt am weakling or watsoeva bt dts the way i want it. if u cant cope with it, you already knw wat to do.


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