Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to Attract Your own Man.

Having a beautiful relationship with that special one who makes your world come alive, gives you reasons to smile, paints your world with colours of red and pink, and brings out both the baby and the best in you, is the desire of every lady who wishes to build her own empire someday in her life. 
Sometimes ladies end up not being able to maximise the attention that nature has brought their way and end up scaring men away. Other times they hide in the secret place of shyness, fear, and low self-esteem and as a result end up single, bitter, and lonely.

The good news is that there are things you can do that will make a man who is emotionally available for relationship to look out for you and I hope that these tips will be helpful for you. 

1. Appreciate Yourself. 
God designed a lady in a unique way, giving her everything that she needs to keep men staring, looking, peeping and praying to have her. For some reason they can't help but admire what God has blessed you with. Sometimes you wonder what it is that you carry but that's not your job to figure out. All you need to understand is that you carry a presence, an aura, and a personality that every man will view from a distance and crave to appreciate for the rest of his life. 
Always appreciate yourself and be happy for being you. Nobody else will see the beauty in you when you don't see yourself as being beautiful. No man wish to be with a lady who feels that she's not beautiful and as a result reduces her value and worth to please men. 

2. Build your Esteem 
Self esteem, self confidence, self worth, and self value is one of the most important attributes that men look out for in a lady. He will spare everything to win the heart of a lady who believes in herself, who expresses her opinions intelligently, who is not afraid to be herself, learn from others, and share her ideas with others. 
And you can't achieve all those without having a great esteem of yourself. 

3. Project the Best of your Body. 
We are in a time where fashion is almost synonymous to nakedness. Unfortunately some ladies blindly copy some of these habits without even making an honest evaluation of what works best for them. 
Fixing your friend's hair and wearing your model's dress may not attract your kind of man to you. 
Every lady have a unique body and personality, and before you wear any material, have a mental picture of what you wish to project so that you don't end up looking bizarre in your new dress. 
Try your best to always project the striking features of your body and also be confident in your dressing. Always remember that your dressing doesn't project your body alone, but it also projects your values and your creativity as an individual.

4. Be Conscious of your Character. 
A man's greatest need is respect and peace of mind, not sex really, and their greatest fear is getting married to a lady with a horrible character. In our times we have ladies who are extremely beautiful but have a horrible character that scares men from building a purposeful relationship with the lady. She talks so much but communicates so little, she is always gossiping about what she doesn't know, she's always demanding for what she doesn't need, she's allowing her friends to influence her decision, and she's always disrespectful to men. 
A bad character is really a huge stumbling block in your desire to build a healthy relationship with a man and this is why you must work on your character so that your beauty with your lovely character will take you and your partner to the altar.

5. Enhance your Communication Skills. 
The only time baby dolls made sense was when you were a little girl and fell in love with dolls that never talked or did anything. 
Now that you are all grown up, acting like a doll won't be in your best interest at all. Sharing pictures of yourself and sharing your ideas don't actually have the same attraction capacity. While men love beautiful ladies, they're attracted more often to ladies who can communicate excellently and exceptionally. 
One of men's innermost desire is to figure out what's going on in your mind and he will always listen to your views.
This is why hiding in your room won't help you find a better man for yourself. This is also the reason why joining a group and not sharing your thoughts won't also be helpful. 
For example, ladies who share their opinions, thoughts and ideas in a group attracts more friends than those who simply apply make up and sit down in their room.

6. Mingle with Men. 
If you wish to understand men's world, you make friends with men. You can't complain about not having your own partner when men feel that you are a snub and a dumb lady. You can't complain that all men think of is sex and more sex when you are not even comfortable with building healthy, beneficial and productive friendship with men. 
It's only when you make yourself available that men will open up to express themselves, their opinions and their desire for you. 
So don't just sit back in your bedroom and lament about your dating woes when you have no friends or hide under your screen and weep when the world have no idea what your mind looks like. 
Attend programmes, be part of what the world is talking about, share your opinions and who knows, your husband might just be paying attention to you. 

7. Be productive. 
Nobody desires a liability in life and that is why God blessed humanity with so many abilities and talents. It could be the way you smile, walk, talk, sing or any other unique ability. Because men hunt for the best, you can't afford not to be productive as an individual. The moment a man feels that your life isn't productive, he wouldn't wish to stick around you for so long. Productivity has absolutely nothing to do with your qualifications but with how your life influences and affect the life of others. 
Instead of just attending a church service with your best dress, maybe you should become part of the chorister and sing with passion. Instead of walking on a heels, maybe you should engage in humanitarian services in your area. 
Men always fall in love with ladies who have a large heart for others and the capacity help or listen to others.

This is not an almighty formula to catch men but suggestions that I believe will guide you and encourage you as you prepare yourself for purposeful relationship and marriage ultimately. 
Your husband may not be far away from you, so prepare yourself to meet him in no distant future.


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