Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who Should I Accept Amongst the Two?

Good day ma, I have been following you and trust me you are indeed a God sent, may the good Lord bless you and your family.. (**amen, thanks)
Aunty Amara please I need your advise, I am a girl of 25 years, I have a guy that I have been dating for seven years, he is a part-time footballer.. The issue is that he keeps saying that he will like me to be his future wife but I don't see him making any effort to that until one day he gets to know that I was going out with another guy, he now got angry and beat me up..
Now he is asking me to forgive him which I have done, the new guy seems serious and he is saying he will come to see my parents... Aunty Amara I am confused, I don't know if I should accept the guy who beat me cause I still love him or I should follow the second guy cause I love that one too... Please I need your advise for I have been having sleepless night, hope to hear from you soon... Thanks and God bless you ma #Godbless

The easiest way to get confused is by double dating and it works like magic which is why I'm not surprised when you said that you were confused. Why won't you when you don't have a standard for what you need? Why won't you when you don't even know who you are? Why won't you when you seem to fall for anyone who whispers love to your ears?
Since the part time footballer wasn't making any efforts to develop himself, equip himself, get something doing in addition to his football passion, and doesn't have a clear cut focus or vision for himself, why didn't you terminate the relationship between you and him before venturing into another one?
You decided to keep him by your left hand side and pursue the second guy so that you can gain from both ends. It was your action that provoked your partner to beat you. While nobody will support him for such a wicked attitude, you could have done better than cheating on him.
Since he exhibits the tendencies of physical abuse, I won't encourage you to settle down with a man who can't control his emotions and a man who has the tendency to hit you.
Secondly, I won't also encourage you to accept the second man simply because he proposed marriage to you. Don't get married to a stranger with a ring. Please get to know him, understand his personality, be his friend, learn more about his vision, passion and purpose in life before rushing to grab his ring.
Marriage is more than a romance, it's beyond the beautiful wedding ceremonies, it's a lifetime of uncertainties, challenges, difficulties, sometimes it's a lifetime of unpalatable experiences and your greatest undoing will be to marry your own enemy because that will be so expensive to manage.
The choice is yours and I hope that you don't allow anyone or anything to push you into getting married to a wrong partner.

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  1. You better run for your life. A man that beats you is not man. You have seen the signs so don't go in.


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