Friday, July 1, 2016

Is Distance a Barrier?

Good morning ma. I just discovered that my fiancee is your follower on this forum. So am sending you this mail through her phone. Please I need your advice.
I love my fiancee and we are planning to get married, but we live in different state and she normally visit if the need arise, we also attend the same church but different branch. So I went to meet our marriage counsellor about my intention, but the marriage counsellor said that the distance is too much that I should choose a girl that is close by instead of going far. Please ma, I love her but how will I handle this? Thank you

Please pardon my bluntness, that person that you met is not a marriage counsellor rather he/she is a manipulator who wishes to destroy your relationship with your fiancĂ©. 
No counsellor has the right to tell you who to choose or tell you what to do. Distance can never be a barrier between partners that desire to spend their lives together.
And since both of you attend the same church, I have no idea why the church marriage committee can't fix a convenient date and venue for both of you to attend whatever meeting they feel that you need for your marriage. 
Any counsellor who dictates what to do is simply your enemy and you need to flee from such individuals. 
I will suggest that you tell your 'counsellor' that if they cannot wed both of you or counsel both of you, then you may consider wedding in another church where nobody will give you lame excuses why you shouldn't get married to your partner.

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  1. Sir, do not let that marriage counsellor ruin your plan or run your marital life. It's high time christians stopped being brainwashed by these 'church elders'. Like Amara said, no person has the right to tell you not to marry someone, the best they can do is advice and pray that God opens your eyes.
    That elder has marked you for someone else, do not fall prey to his antics. Stand your ground, do this diplomatically. Ask your intended to approach her church's marriage affairs, and intimate them about your upcoming union. Once the are in the know, they will fight tooth and nail on your behalf, because they will that elders stance as a slight on them.
    Just sit back and watch the drama unfold, and the knot being untied.
    Do not fight anyone, but maturedly, diplomatically and prayerfully tell them your stance. God bless you. I wish you the best. Happy married life in advance to you and your fiancee


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