Friday, July 1, 2016

Should I Confront the Lady?

Good evening ma. God bless you, please I need help. I've been married for almost two months now, didn't really stay close to my husband cause I was in another city away from him. But when I got close two months to our wedding I noticed a female friend he has, asked who she was to him he said his ex. She keeps chatting him up and calling him. I told him I wasn't cool with that, he promised to take care of it.
Then after the wedding I had to relocate and move in with him. One evening she called but he wasn't close, so I had to take the call. I did it on purpose. Just wanted to scare her away but I didn't say any harsh words to her. She heard my voice and cut the call
Immediately he came in, asked who called and I told him. His mood changed, I was angry. Somehow I found out that he keeps in touch with his exs. I confronted him the next day. He said I disrespected him and that Instead of giving him a chance to hear what the lady wanted to say, I scared her away. That it's been long he heard from her. And now he doesn't know whether she's okay.
He kept saying things that I don't expect him to read meaning into, that I treat him like a child by not trusting his ability to handle his exs. It breaks my heart because I never expected this from him. Please I need your advice. The best way to handle this because I love him.
Thought of calling the lady but I don't know if he's the one looking for her attention. Thanks ma I know you would have a reply that will help.

I understand that you want to possess his world and paint his universe with your presence. You wish to let the world know that he's your husband and your only man and that you are so so proud of him.
It's actually a feeling that every newly married couple experiences and can relate to. However you may feel terrible and pained the moment you realise that he has some friends who you feel that he shouldn't have, he has some relatives who also seek his attention like you do.
Instead going into marriage and within seconds snooping for cheating evidence, please give him some space and the benefit of doubt.
Don't let his phone be more important to you than his presence or allow some of his external distractions to unsettle you in your home.
Allow him to manage his friends and focus on settling down with him and understanding your husband first before any other thing else.
Since he has given you the assurance that he will take care of them, please avoid any form of confrontations or conversation with his female friends no matter what happened.
Always remember that spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, you are on a higher level compared to anyone else. You are his legitimate, the approved, and chosen wife and every other person can never come close to you. I will not encourage you to call his friends or try in anyway to confront anyone in your quest to defend your husband or scare them away because you will be reducing your value to the strange friends.
This is the best time to enjoy your honeymoon and forget about his phone for now.
With prayers and patience he will adjust to his duties and responsibilities as your husband and companion.
Whatever you desire to see in your marriage, please use your knees to pray them into his life while you open your heart and arms to shower him with so much love and affection.

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