Friday, July 1, 2016

Can I Still Love Him?

Aunty Amara God bless you for helping people through your advice. I once told you about my husband and his lifestyle, how he likes women more than himself both old and young whether married or not(Read Here). I have practiced different styles on bed yet nothing changed. I have asked if there's something am not doing right he replied am perfectly doing well. He has so much money to spend on ladies out there because I have also seen a cheque he gave to one of his babes, later asking her if she has cashed it, that she should be fast and get new phone for herself. He has babe in almost all the states in Nigeria and used to travel on appointment with them telling me he is going for business or one of his friend's grandfather or grandmother died etc. Is it to mention married women and widows?
Aunty when my husband noticed am used to it and don't complain anymore he changed pattern. He called me that he has stopped that life and wants to start taking care of me and my children and I said thank God for you not knowing that he wants to start the worst.
My husband has been raping my 11-12 years old niece for over a year now and terrorising her not to talk or he will kill her. Almost every night even after having sex with me by 9 or 1pm, still go to this girl by 1-2am to rape her pretending to go and urinate.
The girl told me he even tried forcing her in the morning when am out to work delaying her for school. I have sent the girl home already and congratulated my husband for his evil deed which he didn't shake at all even asking me if the girl was a virgin. I don't know what he needed a virgin for?
He feels nobody can talk in my family because he has so much money. I know people behaving this way belongs to a secret cult where they uses women for sacrifice. Since people like me cannot be used because am serving the living God, or else I would have died long ago when giving birth to those lovely boys you are seeing. This is why God has not giving me a female child that will come to this world only to be raped by the father.
Can I still like him? Because having sex with him these days is war.(My body doesn't move again), he can continue outside because I don't care anymore since I have bags of condoms I bought with my own money. I forgot to tell you that he infected both me and my niece which I had to treat her before sending her home and am still treating myself. Thank God it's not HIV.
Aunty Amara I have suffered, this my husband came to me then pretending to be a real man of God oh and I was rejoicing because I needed someone that will draw me closer to God not knowing it was a camouflage. Sorry for my long story please. I know people will ask me to pray I have been doing that since both with those from my church and outside my church.
My prayer today is if he wants to change may God help him but if he feels nothing is happening let something happen that is to be exposed and be put to shame.

Even as you pray and trust God to help you overcome this huge mess in your marriage, I want you to know that you actually have a right to leave the marriage on the grounds of infidelity if you cannot cope with his mess anymore.
Don't in your bid to be seen as a married lady end up destroying your life and exposing your beautiful children to hardship and pains that you could have helped them overcome.
Infidelity is not part of the vows that you signed to and nobody will understand what you are experiencing in your marriage except you who is in it, and nobody can help you as much as you can help yourself.
Living with a man you don't trust is enough pains, allowing yourself to continue with the torture, pains, disappointment and depression is unhealthy for your life and for your children.
While I won't tell you what to do, please don't hesitate to reconsider your decision to be married to him if you can't endure or cope with his infidelity anymore.
Prayers is very helpful but wisdom is profitable to direct you on the right path to take. Please maximise both to help you fulfil your purpose in life and also give your children the very best.


  1. This man should be arrested for rape but unfortunately Nigeria is a country where the rich get away with everything. So sad

  2. Chai...people are really going through hell in this marriage...(add what you like). My candid advice is that you pray hard for yourself and your children, if you have any strength left you add the husband. The lord is your strength


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