Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Want Divorce Cos I Can't Continue this Way.

Love what you do and may God enrich you to continue do the good work. I am a confused mother who is currently living in pains but can't speak out cos no one will believe me, or I am afraid of what my family will say cos they brought us up in a Godly way.
I have been married for three years now but can't count how many times I have been with my husband. He lives in abroad, comes home only on Christmas time, spend not more than three weeks.
For the wedding he promised to relocate fully to Nigeria in 2015, now it is one lie or the other. He hides my identity saying his wife over there is very violent, and that his life is at stake.
I am confused because I want a divorce, please help and what do you think? Can't continue living like this, he lied to me right from the beginning. I never knew he was married until she called me after the wedding.
He promised to kill me if I reveal this to anyone. What should I do? Thanks.

There comes a time in your life when you must rise up and make your own decisions and choices irrespective of the opinions and perception of others.
Everyone in this life is running a personal race and whatever they feel that they know or feel is best for them doesn't apply in your journey because they can't walk in your shoes, they can't taste your soup and they can't be in your journey with you.
We are all in a journey and with every experience comes exposure, wisdom and understanding. You must take the bold step and liberate yourself from the yoke of pleasing others and listening to the opinions of others.
To start with, any marriage established in deception, manipulation, and lies is not recognised, not under the law and entirely not in Heaven.
Your husband lied about his marital status and that is enough grounds to dissolve the marriage and since he has already added threats to his deception and manipulation, it will be in your best interest to engage the security operatives and the law to avoid anything that may harm your life or put the life of your child in danger.
You don't take threats lightly because every catastrophe begins with a threat.
I have only pointed out the position of the law and the implications of his threat and marital status, it is left for you to decide whether to allow the opinions of the society to crush you with your pains or to stand up and walk out of this deception called marriage.

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