Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Will He Change When I'm Married to Him?

Good evening madam. Am in a relationship of one year now, we both have agreed to take it to the next level, and we are particularly living together cos I work and school too, so if I am not in school, am at his place. Although my family is partially aware of the relationship but his family is fully aware.
My major concern is that he is a cheat, on several occasions I have caught him, and he will apologize but the one that hurt me most was on Tuesday.
l left for work by 8.pm, and he brought a lady to spend the night in his house. I got to find out from the text message he sent to his friend, when I asked him, he said is the devil's work that he is sorry.
He is talking about coming to see my people by month end. I am confused, we are not yet married and he is doing all these, what's the guarantee that it won't be worse if I marry him. I don't know if I should accept or turn him down.

Talk about seeing the red flags and deliberately deciding to ignore them and your mail will be a perfect example of one.
You won't say that you didn't know that you are dating a cheat, you won't deny that you are not comfortable with his lifestyle and the rate at which the devil brings many women to his room and he service them for a fee.
If you know that you don't have the emotional capacity and the wisdom to live with a cheat and love a cheat for the rest of your life, please don't accept his marriage proposals because you will definitely see more of his escapades after wedding.
But if you can cope with his infidelity, and his cheating on you doesn't matter since he's already married to you, please go ahead and accept his proposal.
You are the best person who knows what you need and the qualities you're looking for in your husband.


  1. You were blunt with your response this time and I kind of like that.

  2. Yes cuz it's just so dishearthin when women will see all this sign and still want to go on with the marriage, bet u still gonna see worst.


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