Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm Finding it Hard to Forgive Him.

Greetings ma, trust you are doing great..... Ma, am really not happy with myself and I need your advice....
I dated a guy last year, though things didn't work out for us so we went our separate ways..... Recently, the guy came asking for my younger sister's hand in marriage (I am three years older than her)....
Now, my sister knew that I dated him but she asked me to forgive the guy whatever he has done to me..... My problem now is that am finding it hard to forgive him cos I know that he is a womanizer and I don't want my sister to marry him......
Please advise me on what to do cos I haven't been happy for some days now.... Hoping to hear from you soon

Since your sister feels that he's the best that she can possibly get for herself and according to her, she want you to forgive him so that they can enjoy their relationship. Please consider forgiving him and setting him free from your heart.
Having grudges or feeling bitter about her decision won't in anyway help you find your own husband nor will it help you be at peace with yourself.
Granted that she chose the forbidden path, it's only noble to respect her decision and allow her experience the dividends of her choice.
You can only advice or suggest or help her understand what transpired in your relationship, but she's in the best position to decide whether he's the best for her or not.
Bless them, pray for their success, leftovers shouldn't make you bitter because you can tell the content but you should encourage anyone who feels that he's good enough for her and celebrate with her.

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