Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Husband Starves me of Sex.

Good day ma.... I want to sincerely thank you for all your advice.... God bless you.. I'm married with two kids and by the grace of God my second child is just eight months old. My hubby is a nice and caring husband but one thing is his attitude towards sex.
At times we stay up to two months without sex and he doesn't bother at all and I feel is not normal. We are in very good terms but anytime I demand for it, he'll tell me he's tired and not in the mood.
It's getting out of hand and I'm a kind of person that loves sex a lot. To be sincere at times I normally masturbate to help myself. I've sat him down and talked about it and he'll tell me he's sorry
Pls ma, what can I do? Please nobody should ask me if I tie wrapper around the house o cos I don't. I eat right and exercise well
Even with two kids I still look sexy. Please ma, I need your advice.
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I feel that you should encourage your husband to write to me so that I can hear from him and hopefully find out what could be his challenge with sex.
I wouldn't want to make assumptions but if for any reason he's still having sexual intercourse with strange women, you will definitely have issues enjoying sex with him because he may not have the strength to have sex with two or more women at the same frame of time.
So it's either you encourage him to write to me here or book a counselling session with a sex therapist or a counsellor so that both of you can meet with him and talk about your sexual frustrations with him.
Sex is a need and your right as a married lady, and if there's any health challenges or difficulties, he should let you know so that both of you can work on it and get your groove on but to starve you of sex is really not healthy for your health and your marriage.

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