Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Don't Know How to Calculate my Ovulation Period.

Hello aunty Amara, God bless you for been a blessing to us. Am a lady newly married though our wedding is yet to take place. I joined my hubby recently at his base(abroad). I must tell you I never knew marriage could be fun and happy because I feel am married to my brother, we play like siblings. Am actually writing you from his Facebook account because he suggested we share everything including our social media account and mobile numbers.
Aunty, I've never been this fulfilled all my life till I married this young man. We actually didn't date, he just saw me and married me, no intimacy till it became official. Now our sex life is fantastic. Please I need your advice, I don't know how to calculate my ovulation period. We agreed we will have a boy first but right now am on my menstruation and I don't know how to calculate it though am on a 23 days cycle. Please help us achieve this goal. Thank you so much sweet aunty and sorry for my long note........lol.

Congratulations madam and please stop making me feel as though I'm not married to my own brother.. Lol 
Congratulations anyways, I love reading mails from happy couples too.
Ovulation like you know is your most fertile time in your cycle and it lasts for twenty four hours. It's the time when a ripe egg is released for fertilisation by the sperm.
There are some significant signs that accompany ovulation and they may vary slightly from one individual to another. 
You will notice a change in temperature (higher), some experience slight pains, and then you will notice a slimy whitish discharge from you vagina with no odour or smell . Once you notice these signs, you are actually in your ovulation period and to increase your chances of having a male child, it's advised that you have sex at the midnight of the day that you observed those signs.
Since your cycle is 23 days, your ovulation will most likely be on the 11th or the 12th day of your cycle counting from the first day of menstrual flow.
A hormonal profile will definitely give you an accurate time and date of your ovulation and how to maximise your ovulation period. 
While there's higher percentage of having a male child, there's every possibility that you may receive a female child. So let him not freak out if he doesn't have a male child as his first child. All children are precious gift from God and deserves the best from their family.

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  1. Nice one. Wishing u d best Dear. God wl see u through


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