Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ladies Doesn't Give him any Breathing Space.

Good morning ma..... Have been following your page for a while now. I want you to advice me on something please....
My name is M*** and am 24 years old, am in my third year in one of the federal schools in the north.. There is this guy am dating since 2012 till now, we stay in the same town and he is seven years older than me, and the guy is planning to marry me by October...
But am sacred because when I started dating this guy, the guy had someone he wanted to marry but the distance between them was not helping matters so eventually the girl got married last year...
Now he wants to marry me and he has met my people, he has also collected list from them. But my problem is that ladies are always around him. There is this lady that he works together with, she always call him but he will just tell me that they are just friends...
This guy is so caring and nice, he is all I want in a man but ladies are always around him and it gets me so worried.... Please I want you to advice me. Am I not taking the wrong step by getting married to this guy?

Where the flies gather, you will either find a dead body or faeces. Though it will not be so good to make assumptions but I understand your fears and worries concerning his 'handsomeness' and how pretty ladies can't give him a breathing space.
I want to believe that you know him and you appreciate his personality which was why you accepted to settle down with him.
If you have genuine evidence of him cheating on you and you are convinced that he's not faithful to you, please halt the marriage plans and address these issues.
The reason is so that both of you can sort out your differences and agree on what you feel is fairly comfortable for both of you.
In a situation where you worried that he may not be faithful to you and you know that you cannot cope with a cheating husband, kindly terminate the relationship and trust God for a man who shares the same convictions and vision for marriage with you.
Don't just get married to any man , but get married to a man who shares the same values, vision and convictions with you because you cannot change a partner who doesn't see anything wrong with his lifestyle.

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