Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Have Been Begging for Days.

Good morning Nwayioma God will bless you in Jesus name (**  amen, thanks). You don't know how many souls and homes you have saved, pastors can't even save half!!!
My story goes like this, I met one guy on Facebook since 2013, he is a barrister, true we are on and off relationship. He  do send me some cash whenever I ask him and we haven't seen face to face only online, and I am honest to him. I told him everything about me because I was married before but my husband died in 2009.
I told him everything about me and he accepted, I call him anytime any day, he pick and respond well. I haven't noticed anything bad against him,true during working hours I don't disturb him unless in after work. He is 38 and I am 30, we both are not in Nigeria, but he promised to visit me soon.
True every year that is what he normally say but he won't come, but this time he promised and I told him if I wait for him this year and I didn't see him, that I will cut the relationship he pleaded with me that he must come and get me pregnant. So I asked him, if you come here and get me pregnant, how do I cope? He said he will do visa for us to come meet him over sharp sharp. True he normally call me his wife when we are on phone, we do make love on the video calls and he always cum but I don't, but I will get wet.
So last week when he came back from work he called me, after that the call we said goodnight, in the morning he didn't call me and left for work and I told him am not feeling fine last night when were talking on phone, he was supposed to check on me before going to work like he normally do every morning, but he didn't so I chat and ask him why he didn't call me when I told him am sick, so he read the message immediately started calling me and I was angry then. So I didn't pick so I wrote him back and said thanks for calling but I don't need your call again, he wrote me back and said okay it's well.
Since that last week he haven't picked my calls or replied my messages so I got angry again, I blocked him from my WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Imo.
So I couldn't help it, yesterday I unblocked him back and called him by his name and said happy Sunday, he replied and called me by my name same to me and how was the church today hope you had a great day, I don't know what to reply him I kept silent since then he has not talk to me !!!
I don't know what to do again I have been begging him for four days now he keeps silent and don't pick my calls, please Nwayioma tell me what to do because I never knew he could stay a night without say goodnight to me !!!

You should know better because you are also living abroad and have an idea what some men do in the western countries. For you to believe that he's actually single is what I feel is absurd about your relationship, not that it's not possible but it's sincerely rare.
If you ask me, I feel that he was only interested in the phone sex and in exploiting your emotions and of course feeding his eyes with all you could offer to him.
Was this a relationship at all? Entirely not but I feel that he discovered that you were single, perhaps lonely and vulnerable, and decided to exploit the opportunity to his advantage.
For a man to be in love, and for three years couldn't make out time to see his partner is only pointing to one fact that what he said is actually not how he feel about you.
It will be better and healthier for you to cut off the fake and manipulative partner from your life and look forward to a better relationship with a real identity than for you to be stressing yourself emotionally with no identity.
I guess he has been looking for an easy way out and your attitude gave him a beautiful platform to terminate the relationship.
I feel that you deserve better than this mess(pardon my choice of word), you deserve real love, real man, real affection, real marriage and something that has a future, a purpose and personality that you can relate to.
Calling you his wife and sending you money doesn't mean that he's actually working towards making you part of his life.
So why settle for less when you can get the best? You are the best person to decide what you feel that you deserve.


  1. In as much as I agree with some of the things Amara said I am also going to disagree with some. I think you the poster was very irrational and inconsiderate in your actions. Blocking him in all communication just bcos he didn't call. You are not a child at least you have been married before, did you ever consider what he might be going through. It's not just all about you, this is a guy that had been good to you. I am a woman and if I were the guy I will do exactly the same thing he is doing now.

  2. He will come around and beg u back once the time promised to vist has passed


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