Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Hymen Won't Allow me to Enjoy Sex.

Hello Ma, greetings.
Please help me post this, I'm in a great dilemma now.
I will be 23 next month, have never had penetrative sex, not because I'm a sanctimonious being but because anytime I tried having sex, I ended up hurt and swearing not to try this sex thing again.
As it is, no one knows about my vaginal status, not even my close friends because I'm not one to flaunt a virginity I'm not even proud of in someone's face and again, I wouldn't want someone looking down on me or thinking that I'm cooking up lies.
Well, the thing is, I met with a man last year and we fell in love with each other and started a relationship.
I was really ready to get down with him not because I wanted to please him or anybody but because I thought it was high time to burst the bubble.
I was ready and willing to take the pain but we didn't succeed as we kept meeting a blank wall and he couldn't bear to see me in so much pains.
We are in a distant relationship as we both live in different cities.
Ma, I don't want to bore you down with details but I've not been a very happy person.
I am someone that love to express my emotions in different ways and living in the moment.
Like I wouldn't mind having a 'caught in the moment' tender loving with my man and going all the way but this 'Hymen' of a thing won't just allow to shine and be great!
Okay, few months ago, my man and I met with a gynaecologist to get a professional advice and guess what? That was the most awkward moment of my life.
The doctor fine sha!
So I fell more at ease when a chaperon was asked in prior the exercise.
Okay, I think you should also know something, I've not inserted a finger or allow a finger go down my 'ladytown' because I'm scared of getting hurt.
I only get to relax a bit if it were my partner's penis doing the probing.
So when the doctor asked me to pull off, I hesitantly did and told him to use his eyes and do Christmas for himself and not thy finger.
He agreed!
I agreed!
We all agreeded!
After the whole thing, he suggested that my problem is more of the mind, and that I shouldn't be nervous and that I'm too 'tight'.
He also recommended a lubricant.
I was just looking at him with one eyes. Me that have used lubricant in the past and it didn't work?
Okay I just decided to write to you because I read a write up describing several hymens in women with the pictures, after reading it, Obi kopuru m ( I became faint hearted ).
I brought out a mirror, looked up my 'Lady's town' and Obi ekopu m the more!
I think I have imperforate Hymen or whatever the name is.
I did some research online and discovered that it is a rare case and it can only be corrected by a simple surgery and mmadu enwere onwe ya.(someone will be set free)
I've been down after that research, like ezigbo ahu oku (fever) came from nowhere and descended on me.
But I've made up my mind to gather my coins and pennies and save myself.
But where do I start ?
Who can do this surgery for me?
How much will it take?
At this stage, I am simply clueless.

For all the wrong reasons, I think I fell in love with your writing skill, maybe you should consider writing a novel because you will definitely win the heart of many readers. 
You see the dangers of Doctor Onye agwalam (don't tell me anything). If you have been menstruating, there is no way your hymen will be an imperforate one because an imperforate hymen won't allow menstrual flow out of your body and that would have been a more terrible situation. 
And I'm wondering why you want this hymen torn as though it's a plaque to be a virgin. For some women the fear of the perceived pains of first sexual intercourse, the rigidity of her body and mind has the potential of making sex painful and miserable for them. 
For some, it maybe lack of adequate lubricant and the fear of pregnancy or the discomfort of not having sex with your very own man (not just contractors) that will make sex not comfortable for them. 
Instead of trying to break this wall of your 'lady town' using every means, I will suggest that you calm down and wait until you are married. 
Instead of hiding under the stairs to break this hymen (just kidding) I will suggest that you wait for your honeymoon and then relax your mind and body so that your hormones and his romance will make it easier and more comfortable for both of you to enjoy sex and then break the wall of your 'lady town'. 
With adequate foreplay,passionate romance, patience and gentle penetration, your vagina will respond to the touch of your husband. It may take a while though like two days or more depending on how you conditioned your mind and his foreplay skills. If he can lick your clitoris and gently stimulate your vaginal wall, if he could suck your nipples and kiss you passionately, your rigidity will give way for a great sexual intimacy (preferably when you are married).
Since the gynaecologist didn't spot any abnormality in your vagina, please don't experiment with every information on Google search because it may not be helpful for you. 
Please save your pennies and take good care of you, it doesn't call for any surgical procedures yet. Be calm, hymen cannot prevent you from enjoying the sunshine that comes with a good penis. 
For now don't just take pills when you are not sick, it's a recipe for disaster. You're fine and your lady town is fine too.


  1. Interesting write up, interesting personality, she needs to relax, I strongly believe it's a mind thing for her

  2. I love her written skills she sure got talent there,
    Mrs "lady town" just relax till u married they u and will be proud to do it anywhere with your man.and enjoy every bit of it

  3. Hahahahahaha, Nne you can write weller oooo. why try to break the wall nah.

    it is sweet and very honorable to shakara your Hubby with your Lady wall. that is if you can wait till that night.


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