Friday, July 8, 2016

Should I Confess to my Husband?

Am troubled ma and I lived a life of deceit, lies and cheats. Am married with four beautiful children but I don't want to break my marriage. I don't know if I should confess to my hubby cos I have cheated on him thrice since we got married, not intentionally but I fell a victim to fake pastors and Revd.father. Am so much ashamed of myself and life whenever I hear strange voice talking to me about my life, right now am not in good terms with my hubby cos of my lies.
I really need your help ma before I will be sent out of my marriage, I will really like to be in my marriage and take care of my kids. Please I need your help and advice.

Lies and deceits are not the qualities of a virtuous woman and as such should be condemned and discouraged. It's a good step that you have realised your folly and desire to make amends and do the right thing. 
The first thing you need to do is seek the face of God, confess your sins before the throne of grace and mercy, and ask God for forgiveness and healing. 
There is no sin no matter how horrible that is beyond the forgiving power of the blood of Jesus Christ. You don't need to be be ashamed because we all are guilty of one sin or another but you need to surrender yourself to Jesus Christ and allow him to build your life and give you the grace to live above sin and death. 
Because of the sensitive nature of some of your past experience, please I will suggest that you don't tell anyone else about this experience. Because it has the potential to destroy all you have laboured for in your life and also affect your children negatively. 
Apologise to your husband and make peace with him. Let him know that you care so much about your marriage and believe that whatever maybe the challenge, that both of you can work it out and be at peace with each other. 
He who the son of God has set free is free indeed, go home and sin no more.

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