Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pregnancy before Dowry?

Good morning ma, please I need your advice. I have been dating L*** for one year and six month, but I don't know his parents though I speak with them on phone.
Aunty, L*** wants to marry me but he has not come to see my parents and I don't know his own parents. But he wants me to be pregnant before he will come and do all the necessary things in marriage.
What should I do? I want him to pay my bride price before taking in for him. I need advice, what should I do in this kind of thing?

Anyone who uses pregnancy as a prerequisite for marriage is simply a fraud and such a man is only playing god in your life. No matter the excuses or reasons for such, marriage is not contracted with pregnancy and if he can't pay your dowry, it's not advisable for you to consider getting pregnant for him.
The challenges of getting pregnant before marriage is that you make yourself vulnerable and there's no law or commandment that he must marry you even after getting pregnant for him. Also in a case where you don't conceive after your first conception, the family may throw you out of your marriage and then go for another lady who they feel will conceive faster than you thereby reducing marriage to making babies.
So I won't advice you to allow him to deceive you into getting pregnant for him, but let him pay your dowry and of course he can impregnate you as he wishes.


  1. My Dear Run for your life, any man that ask u to get pregnant before coming to see your parents or marry u is a fraud...He does not have good plans for u...

  2. Is it even safe to go into marriage with a man with such mentality?


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