Monday, July 4, 2016

Should I Compensate my Father-in-law or Divorce my Wife?

Hi Amara, my father-in-law whom I called to persuade my local government chairman to call my senator to get me a job asked me to marry his daughter after getting the job which I did, and we now have 4 children is now telling me to compensate him by paying him 50% of my monthly salary to him till death.
I am using the same salary to take care of his four grand children and his daughter, then paying him salary is what I don't understand. He even threatened legal action if I don't pay him because I have not compensated him for getting me the job. He has forgotten that many people were involved in getting me the federal government job apart from my parents that paid my fees to acquire degree program.
I have respected him enough and I am about to explode by divorcing his daughter and telling him harsh words. My question now is, do you want me to pay him 50% of my salary till his death or divorce his daughter and move on? He is on my neck. I know he can't even succeed in court. I am ready for constructive criticism on your wall.

If there was any written agreement that you must compensate him by paying him 50% of your monthly income for the job he helped you secure, it will only be noble for you to honour the agreement or at least renegotiate with him.
In a case where there was no written agreement, please inform your family and your wife of his request, sit down as family and deliberate on the issue, then organise yourself, buy a gift and a token and visit him with your family to appreciate him for his sacrifice in helping you secure your job when you needed it.
After that, your parents can discuss further with him and plead for reconsideration on his part because what will affect the head will definitely affect the ear.
No matter his threats, he will never crush his own seeds or starve his own daughter. And I don't think that divorce is actually the way out of this challenge.
Let's assume that he's only angry that you have not deemed it necessary to appreciate him after he helped you secure a job when you needed it most.
If after due consultations and considerations he still insist on you giving him half of your monthly income, the best suggestion will be for you to either consider settling with the court or let go of the job.
Don't threaten the peace and the harmony of your marriage because of your job, because your marriage is your inheritance on earth but your job is only but a means of livelihood which may be taken away from you at any time or moment.
Work with your wife, let her also intervene and plead with her father. I'm certain that he will reconsider his decision and demand.

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  1. AVL you made me laugh, I was thinking you will make some fun with this story before responding but you just went ahead and advice him cos sometimes of these stories leave smiles on my face and make me say to myself that there is nothing this persons won't bring to you in terms of seeking your opinion, even the ones some of them already know the decision they want to take. Anyway kudos to you.


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