Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Should I Give Him a Chance?

Good morning big sister, how was your night? Please I need your opinion ma. There is this guy that we met three years ago in my school then. He is a graduate presently, and back then he wanted a relationship but I kept rejecting him. On the first of this month I decided to give him a chance, visited him last week Saturday.
He said he isn't promising marriage yet until he studies me, but he said he can't do without kissing and as for me, I have decided that I don't want anything not even a kiss until am married. Because I believe the sex I initiated in my former relationship made it fail, but this present guy keeps saying he won't ask for sex but kisses.
Am 25 already even though am not through with my education yet, am also thinking of my age. Should I give him a chance or I should not? And please how can I totally forget my ex because I keep thinking he might come back, and I think that was part of the reason I don't want to give another man a chance? Thanks in anticipation.

Did your ex tell you that he's coming back to marry you? Did you have any agreement with him before he broke up with you? If after sleeping with you and enjoying all you had, he decided to move on with his life, what made you feel that he will come back and when will he really come back?
What was his reason for breaking up with you? Has it been addressed and what made you think that if he comes back today, he will not leave you again tomorrow?
Waiting for your ex is as good as wasting your life and resurrecting yesterday. You have to realise that your ex is behind you and you cannot see the best in anyone when your eyes is on your ex.
If you allow your ex to keep you in the same position, you will end up single and frustrated while your ex will be happy with his own life and family.
I won't tell you whether to give your partner a kiss or not, but I feel that a kiss may distract him from studying you as he said which I feel is not healthy for this study that he proposed.
So get to know him first, understand his personality and his real purpose for the relationship before deciding on what's best for you at this point in your life.

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