Friday, August 26, 2016

Am Afraid His Ex Might Come Back after Our Wedding?

Good day ma... I really thank God for using you mightily to save many broken homes... Ma please I have a question which am so much confused about..
There's this guy I met on Facebook in beginning of this year. We saw ourselves and liked ourselves. We stay in a different state for now and we so much love ourselves. I never knew I had his ex girlfriend as a Facebook friend. Him himself didn't know I was friends with the ex until the day he used my picture on his WhatsApp.

The girl sent me a message on Facebook telling me I want to snatch his boyfriend, and that I should remember that he who kills by sword dies by sword, and that someone else will do same to me...
I got confused and called the guy to inform him what the lady sent.. He already told me about him and the ex and how they parted ways because she's a cheat and he has caught her severally with different men, and how he can't marry from another tribe which he vividly told her before they started courting..
Ma, I won't lie to you, I love this guy so much and he loves me too, even our families are aware of the relationship and they are in full support. A times the the girl will just be commenting funny comments on my guy's pic and that of his siblings in order to get me jealous but I just ignore. Am really worried.
He has told the lady to stop, and he's done with her, but the lady won't give up. I even blocked her on my Facebook to avoid trouble.
Ma am really worried.. She still communicates with his siblings and all that. Am 24 years waiting for my youth service and he's planning to settle down with me this December by God's grace.. Ma, am scared.. I feel this lady might still come back in our lives after our wedding because she hasn't given up yet. Ma please I really need your advice on this.
Mind you.. The guy doesn't keep in touch with her anymore. Thanks.

The only person you should be worried about is your partner's convictions and decision on this. If your partner haven't given you any reason to doubt or worry about your relationship with him, please there's no need for you to invest your time and emotion tracking and following up with the activities of this lady.
Anyone can throw shades and tantrums on social media, and it's acceptable but that's where it ends. Making friends with all his family and generation doesn't in anyway guarantee that he will return to her or change his mind about his convictions.
Ignore her and focus more on your relationship with him, learn more about his personality, his personal relationship with God, his vision, his purpose, his passion, and his flaws so that you can prepare yourself, and know how best to support and relate with him.
Understanding his personality should be your utmost priority and not listening to the rantings of another lady. From all you said, the man is honest and sincere with you, and I don't think that you should lose your focus because of the distractions around you.

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  1. to add to wat aunty amara said,put her in prayers so dat she leaves ur lives husband had an ex like dat too but mehn....i tabled her mata on d alter of God n she ran for her life......shes too small for u to b afraid of .ur man has chosen u so she shld deal wit it.


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