Friday, August 26, 2016

What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Dear Aunty Amara, I love you so much for all advises you give us, thank you! Aunty, I am a first born in my family of four children, I do everything for my mother and my siblings. Recently, I became bankrupt and in deep debt to an extent that my husband left me, and I went back home to stay with my mother and siblings.

They are treating me so bad that I feel like my world is shattered. They hide food,they switch off radio or TV while I'm watching, they complain about everything I touch, they tell me to get the hell out of the house.
Mind you, the house was build by me as a present for my mother, all of my siblings' school fees were paid by me.
I'm so hurt and broken Aunty, I don't know where to go or what to do because they were my last hope. I have prayed and prayed but it's getting worse.
What have I done to deserve these?

They're not your last hope and they will never be your last hope. It's only when you are down that you will realise those who genuinely believe in you and are willing to stand by you.
No condition in life is permanent, those who are on top today were at the bottom sometime in their journey, and those who are enjoying comfort today once had challenges in their journey.
This is not the time to plead for sympathy from those who see nothing good in you. This is not the time to plead to be accepted since they don't even appreciate your presence in their lives.
Dry bones still do have hope in God their maker and owner. This is not the time to compete with them in watching television or listening to radio. Get up from your worries and focus on your vision.
Start up something, no matter how little, get busy, think of ways to solve some problems and make some money from them. If you have any skills, commercialise it, if you have any talent, exploit it for your benefit.
The world is not interesting in those who have given up on themselves but will always identify with those who have value to offer.
Food, television, radio and any other things that they have today will always be available for you to buy once you have the means again, all you need to do is think of ways to acquire the means to get all that you need.
If you have any friend who you believe will accommodate you or accept you for a short while, please consider leaving your family so that you don't surround yourself with negative energy and feedback from your family.
With prayers, and faith and hope in God, things will definitely bounce back in no distant future.
Forgive them and don't let their attitude change your convictions about your family, instead let the word of God strengthen your heart and give you the grace to strive for excellence, and ignore irrelevant things that are distracting you.

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