Monday, August 15, 2016

Am I Normal to be Dripping Wet that I Stain Myself Several Times?

Good morning ma, I hope you had a well rested night. Thanks to God for your life and also your wonderful help to humanity, may God richly bless you..**amen
Ma, I just want to ask about something.. I just did my introduction last week preparing for my wedding Nov/Dec. I and my fiancé loves each other so much, it has been a blissful relationship solidly founded on God's principles.

The problem is that anytime we are together, (once in a while) even in the midst of people, I get wet just by him staring at me, maybe lightly caressing my fingers or even just slight touches, am not talking of just wet, I mean dripping wet that I stain my skirt several times..
Not that he is handsome or the drop dead gorgeous guy that people might assume to be the cause, the truth is that I am completely in love with him and everything he does.. His affection, care, devotion and selfless sacrifice turns me on big time..
He also feel the same because I see how he struggles with composure anytime we are together (Ma we have never even kissed all through this one year relationship though we've known for three years).
My question is am I normal to be dripping wet that much that I stain myself several times?..Thanks ma, anticipating your reply. God bless ma.

Yours is even better, there are some ladies that gets wet by just hearing the voice of their partner, listening to him, or watching his pictures. 
This is a sign that you are not only in love with him but that your body also craves for his gentle touch and affection. You are emotionally connected to him and whenever you're with him, your hormones and body feels at peace with him, and they work hard to make sure that both of you will enjoy the beauty of being with each other. 
It's actually great because it means that you won't need to buy any lubricant when having sex with him, and I'm certain that he will always testify whenever he's making love to you. 
You're perfectly healthy and I'm pretty certain that your mail will wake up the dragon in many men.. Lol. 
No need to worry, only thank God because you are really blessed to produce such wetness by setting your eyes on him. If for any reason you will be seeing him outside your home, please try using a sanitary pad so that nobody else gets to see what's happening in your body, but if you're at home, be free and allow your body to function the way God designed you. 
Congratulations on your successful introduction, I pray that God will equip you and your partner with all you need spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and financially, to enjoy your marriage with him in Jesus name Amen.


  1. .....The wetness means you find him highly sexually appealing. Just be careful you do not tamper with the gift till your wedding night,to optimum enjoyment and stable marriage.

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  2. ....marriage is honourable the bed undefiled.Wait till wedding night before doing the deed.Don't allow flesh over Godly principles.Thanks.


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