Monday, August 15, 2016

Is Oral Sex Okay for Christians?

Hi Aunty Amara, May God continue to enrich you.
Please ma'am there's something I want you to clear for me.
Please what's your take on oral sex? Is it okay for a Christian?
Are there really boundaries couples can't cross when it comes to sex and sexual satisfaction? What can one do if one's partner isn't comfortable with it? Please help me dissect the issue very well as I know you would, are there any disadvantages too?
Thanks ma.

Oral sex is sexual bonding using the oratory parts of the body, the mouth, the tongue and the lips, to stimulate, to connect, caress and to arouse your partner during sexual intimacy. 

Is oral sex okay for Christians? 
Are Christians human being? Yes 
Are human beings meant to enjoy sex? Yes 
Where can they enjoy sex? In marriage 
How are they to enjoy sex? However they choose 
Can they practice oral sex? If they wish to. 
Is oral sex a sin? No.

Are there boundaries that couples can't cross when it comes to sex and sexual satisfaction? 
There's no boundaries that couples can't cross when it comes to oral sex and sexual satisfaction, as long as they're safe, healthy and pain free. 

What can one do if one's partner isn't comfortable with it? Teach, guide, or renegotiate other ways to meet the sexual needs of your partner and strengthen your marriage. 

Are there disadvantages too? 
If your partner is not sexually satisfied in your home, you increase their chances of falling prey to temptations or infidelity. 
If an individual frustrates his or her partner by refusing oral sex, he or she is exposing his or her partner to infidelity.

Oral sex is not for dirty individuals or those with a horrible hygiene. Also it's not for unfaithful partners because oral sex is based on trust and fidelity. 
If your partner is sexually promiscuous, oral sex is not advisable. If your partner have issues with his or her personal hygiene, oral sex is also not advisable. 
Though some individuals lick the anus, please it is not safe and healthy for oral sex.


  1. Just stay way from Anal sex. Oral sex is okay. Just follow the rules.

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