Friday, August 19, 2016

Confused! Don't Know What to Do.

Good day ma, thank you so very much for this great platform. Please ma I have been dating a guy for the past five years now, he came for my introduction early this year, in March. In my tradition the man has to buy some of the properties that the woman will use in her husband's house, so he has given me part of the money that same March to buy the items.

After all these he never asked me to come over till July, I was bordered, so I decided to pay him a surprise visit, when he went out, a girl visited but she left that very moment. So when he came back, I told him, he said women are supposed to look for him and not guys, so I kept quiet just to let peace reign, so I left.
The following day he called me that I should forget about him, that his family said he should forget about me, but I kept pleading, he asked me not to call his line again. I gave my dad the phone just for him to know what is the problem, but he told my dad the same story, that I should sell the properties or use it to marry another person, and he's the one that sponsored my ND programme.
So it was yesterday he called that he's not feeling fine, he has been calling but I refuse to pick because of the pain I went through. I haven't experienced heart break before, don't know what to do. It was yesterday that I told him that someone wants to get married to me, so his question was where is he from.
I just said that just to make him feel bad and jealous, and he's a soldier, please ma I don't know what to do am confused.

"he said women are supposed to look for him and not guys "
Just so you don't forget, please read my advise on I'm Joking with My Life. I believe that it will help you to make a better decision on this.
You are aware that he cheats, you are also aware that he doesn't respect your emotions and personality, and it seems to me that you are the one begging him to come and marry you.
I am not against your heart desire, I wish and hope that you will enjoy the rewards of your choice.
You are in the best position to decide whether he's the best you can get or whether to move on with your life.

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