Saturday, August 20, 2016

Points to Consider As You Trust God for your Husband

Sometimes you may feel that you cannot figure out what you need to do or how best to go about trusting God for your husband and your crown, and this makes you to run from one pastor to another, seeking the opinions of one prayer house or prophet. 

If you are trusting God for your own husband, you desire what is legitimate and eternally rewarding and I pray that God will grant you a man who will make you enjoy the beauty of companionship. 
While you trust God and prepare yourself for marriage, I am hopeful that these points will guide you against any form of deception and manipulations, and also help you recognise your husband when you meet him. 

  • Ladies.

Do you have a personal relationship with God? 
A lady who doesn't have a personal relationship with God cannot discern her own husband, because it will be difficult for her to identify the values, vision and the convictions of men, and may easily be deceived by the things she receive or gain from him. 

Do you study the word of God? 
The word of God remains the only guide that every Christian needs when they're considering who to settle down with. You cannot marry a God fearing husband when you have no idea what God abhors and what he desires from every individual.

How is your prayer life? 
Because in marriage there are many battles to fight, spiritual battles, emotional battles, financial battles, sexual battles, third parties battles, societal battles and other battles. If you don't have an effective prayer life, you may easily be swayed by the challenges of life in your marriage. 

Will you allow the word of God to be the authority in your life? 
Just like in counselling, everyone have the freedom to choose what to do, what to believe and what to accept. In a situation where the word of God is of no effect to your life, you will find it difficult to recognise your husband. 

Are you willing to submit to his leadership and give your all to make the marriage work? 
Some ladies get into marriage fighting for their rights, or comparing themselves with their own husband, but the truth is that two captains cannot run a ship. When you are choosing your partner, please remember that he will be your spiritual leader in your marriage and if you are not willing to submit to his leadership, there is no way your marriage with him will succeed. 

Do you have the virtues that you need to build your home? 
Some ladies are busy seeking for prayers and counselling, complaining and comparing themselves with others, without preparing themselves for marriage. You need to understand that you are venturing into a sacred institution and your state of mind, your attitude to others, your maturity, and your skills determines to a greater extent the outcome of your decision. So while you pray to marry the best man out there, also strive to be the best woman so that both of you will build a prosperous home where there is peace, love, joy and fulfilment.

  • Men. 

Does he have a personal relationship with God? 
When you have a personal relationship with God or genuine conviction in the word of God, you won't need anyone to tell you that you need a partner who shares the same spiritual convictions with you. This has absolutely nothing to do with the church he attends because the church of an individual doesn't make him a Christian, rather his personal relationship with God is what determines his personal relationship with others.

Does your partner give you the peace of mind? 
Some individuals may claim to have seen their partner in a dream, or received their partner by prophesy or through prayers. I'm sincerely not here to prove them right or wrong, but one remarkable attributes you must experience when you meet your partner is divine peace which surpasses all understanding. 
If you are in a relationship with a partner who shares the same convictions with you, and you're at peace with him or her, you don't need any other prophesy to confirm that both of you can work together and achieve your goals as couples. 

Does he improve you in all aspects of your life? 
There is no partnership without interest. So getting married is not different, everyone seeks to relate with those who improve them in their own weaknesses, helps them rediscover themselves and give them reasons to aspire to be better individuals. If your partner doesn't improve your life, add value to your life, but brings out the best in you, well I don't know what your marriage will become.

Does he have the mental, emotional, and financial capacity for marriage institution? 
It's a very demanding institution and as such, there is every need for him to be prepared for the unexpected and manage some circumstances that may affect your marriage. If you are dating a nag, abuser,  an unfaithful individual, or an irresponsible partner, you don't need a pastor to tell you that you will run out of your marriage, because if you don't run, you maybe crushed in your marriage. 

These will guide you as as you prayerfully trust God to reveal your husband to you. The role of a pastor or a counsellor is not to tell you who to marry or who not to marry but to help you understand God's purpose for the marriage institution, and allow you to decide who you feel is the best for you. 


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)