Saturday, August 20, 2016

Should I Go Back to my Ex or Stay with my Soldier Boyfriend?

Good morning, I am a 25 years old banker, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for seven years now. We started dating when I was still in school, he wasn't even in school then as he is still a student, but will be graduating this year.
Last three months I was introduced to an army officer by a colleague,
he is nice, caring, God fearing and all, but he is way older than I am, he is 38, told me he was single because the lady he was supposed to marry died, he denied being in any other relationship, and truthfully I started falling in love with him, to the extent that I broke up with my student boyfriend who has been all so faithful and loyal to me.
I told him everything about me, told him about the guy I was dating and how he was still in school and all, but he swore that he has been single since his fiancé died until he saw me at my place of work.
But just last week, I got to know that he has another girlfriend, who he is serious with, he only comes to me or gets to hang out with me, only when she refuses to hang out with him. I confronted him about it yesterday, and the only thing he replied was I should believe whatever it is I want to believe.
He didn't deny it, neither did he agree to it. I am so confused now, I wish he told me the truth about it, I already broke up with my boyfriend of seven years, he's been begging me to come back though. I really do want your advice if I should go back to my exboyfriend or just stay with my soldier boyfriend. Thank you.

If you could dump a man who has been faithful, loyal, committed, honest, genuine and loving for a cheat all in the name of marriage, you really have to deal with your desperation to get married to avoid getting married to a man who will mess up with your emotions.
It's really painful that sometimes good men end up in the hands of selfish and insensitive ladies, and they still come back lamenting how things fell apart.
I am not here to criticise or condemn your decision, but it's obvious that you don't necessarily know what you need, and what you want which is why you are responding to anyone who mentions marriage to you.
Please take some time and talk to yourself so that you don't allow societal pressure or anyone else to push you into making a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life.
If truly the soldier man is in a serious relationship, it then means that you are only but a substitute, or he's comparing between both of you, and please don't come here to tell me that he's not faithful to you because faithfulness was shot dead the day you dumped your seven years old partner.
Again, if you really know what you want and you are sure and convinced that the student lover is what you need, please make sure that you don't wake up someday and leave him again.
Organise yourself so that you can make a better decision on what you need at this point in your journey.


  1. God bless you Ma. That was an awesome response and advice. She really needs to sit down and work on herself

  2. God bless you Ma. That was an awesome response and advice. She really needs to sit down and work on herself

  3. Jumping from one man to another isn't safe and healthy for u. I have. I personally have Reservation for the men in uniform.u need to find out urself what u really want

  4. Hmmmmmmm, all these military men can lie, just to sleep with a woman, I won't be surprised to hear that that man is married... Nne you wouldn't have broken up with your boyfriend until you see a serious commitment.... If men what's to get a lady this dayz, the will tell you the want to marry you cos most women now are desperate for marriage....

  5. My dear that military man is married and he has children ,trust me.they can lie for africa u better go back to ur bf befre is too late.


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