Saturday, August 20, 2016

His Family and Wife are Frustrating my Efforts to get Residence Permit.

I met this guy years ago, he lives abroad, he told me he was processing divorce from his white wife. He was separated, he invited me for one month, we stayed together in his house, before I left I was pregnant. His family came for traditional rights and we got an apartment waiting for him to finish the divorce as he told me it'll be due in some months.

I found out months later after I got pregnant with my child he never left the woman, they never had any cause to divorce. Anytime I asked him, he gets upset and never gives me an answer. Spoke to his mum and she told me he can never separate that I don't know the plan.

Thankfully he processed citizenship for my child, she is an EU citizen of which I can live with her abroad as a mum of a minor.

I waited for years for him to deceide but he kept mute, he does not take care of our basic needs. I deceided to relocate to get a better life for me and my child abroad.

Now he, his family, and wife are all fighting that I don't get my resident permit, he is lying to the govt that he pays child support to me by hand.

All my effort to settle in he is trying to frustrate it, I don't know the language, I don't have a job, I know nobody.
I feel so threatened with their actions.

What you need is adequate orientation of your country and how to access your rights and privileges.
Thankfully your daughter is a citizen and that gives you a great advantage to have your permit granted.
So find out all you need to know about your residence permit and document all information that you need to achieve this.
Sooner or later you will get your permit and be able to fend for yourself and your baby.
As for the marriage, it's obvious that he doesn't love you but wanted to use you to extend his family in Nigeria. So help him by returning his dowry so that you can move on with your life and take good care of your child.

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  1. Gbam from Anty Amara. You hit the nail on the head, oburu na o nwere nti, ya nuru....


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