Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Don't Know What Decision to Take Right Now.

Good morning ma, am the happiest to have the opportunity to write to you. This is my story-
I met this guy on Facebook and we have been close friends on this platform till we started dating a year later. He is caring, loving and contribute in providing my needs at all time. Later I started noticing funny attitudes from him.
He cheats, still communicate with his ex and on two occasions I have seen his ex in his house.
My rent was about to expire, I told him and he felt reluctant about it and during that period he brought in another girl in his house to stay with him and told me the lady had accommodation problem. We quarrelled over it and I stopped going to his house.
The lady stayed in his house for six months before she left, but on the fifth month of her stay, he started calling and asking for forgiveness. His friends begged on his behalf, I forgave him cos I still loved him. Later he started putting up attitudes again cos he has met another girl, he doesn't care about how I feel, and when I complain he denies and get angry.
One day we went out and on our way home he told me to go and pay my fares to the driver and stopped, I suspected he wanted to meet the girl and I told the driver to stop me too. He got angry and told me that I will treck home and he left me on the road that night. I trecked back home and was very upset with him and threatened to leave his house that night, I left and he didn't call me back. He only told me bye, but when I got to the gate I went back because it was very late in the night. I got tired of everything and decided to quit the relationship. When I left he never called and I didn't too. But after some days he started calling and asking for forgiveness. Please ma I need your advice because I don't know what decision to take right now.

I feel that he doesn't appreciate your personality, rather he's only exploiting your body to his advantage.
As you can see, as long as your back is on his bed, he sounds nice but once your legs are not opened, he seems to be busy with other ladies.
You seem to be cool with it which is more worrisome to me but I will remind you that sexually transmitted infections is still in existence, and having sex with a man doesn't guarantee that he will settle down with you.
Maybe you should wake up from this voodoo you call a relationship and run away from this time waster and scam you fell for.
He cheats at will, stingy to you, treats you like a roadside touts, and lie to you as though he's drinking water, this is not the attributes of a healthy relationship but the characteristics of a toxic relationship, and the earlier you set yourself free from this mess, the better for you.

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