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Psychological Factors that Makes Men Terrible in Bed

In every marriage, quality sex is not just very important for the couple, it is the integral part of their marital lives and personality. When there's any challenge or difficulties with sex, the mood, the emotions, and the dynamics of the home turns sour, and sometimes look like a battlefield of two enemies or strangers. This is why you shouldn't underestimate the power of sex in marriage.

Men are perceived as being sexually perfect and almost always ready for sex at all times, but the truth is that men just like women have their own struggles and difficulties when it comes to satisfying their wives during sexual intercourse.
You may see a man who is eager to have sex with you and immediately after thirty seconds of thrusting, he will ejaculate and collapse almost immediately. In this article I will highlight some of the psychological factors that can make men perform terribly in bed.

No man hopes to get married to his wife and frustrate her sexually. He hopes give her sex in such a manner that she will never forget in her lifetime. This anxiety is what makes some men not to spend long time during foreplay so that he can lunch into her and make her feel him like never before.
This in turn makes his whole body to be nervous and before you know it, he's already done in thirty seconds.
To help him, it's great to help him relax and be free to make love in any way it comes and turns out. It's okay to have some few premature ejaculations and laugh it off instead of being too serious about sex and end up turning up pretty poor in bed.

Low Self Esteem / Confidence.
Not only ladies are affected by self esteem, some men battle with their own self image, perception, and appreciation in such a manner that it affects their sexual intimacy. Whatever a man hears about himself affects his erection and performance during sex. Some as a result of low self esteem choose to bury themselves in their jobs and daily activities in order to avoid anything that will remind them of sex.
So just as ladies love compliments, men also cherish compliments and appreciations because it boosts their ego and enhances their performance in bed.

One of the enemies of man's sexual performance and his penis is stress. When a man is under stress, sex becomes a disaster, and no matter what the lady does to wake up the dragon, he'll remain down and weak. It could be financial stress, it could be family stress, it could be the challenge of not having a child, or any other stress that is influencing his mind at that point.
It's always advisable to manage any stress before engaging in sexual intimacy to avoid half-mast performance.

Fear of the unknown, fear of not rising to the occasion, fear of having a poor sexual encounter can discourage some men from trying again or desiring sexual intercourse with their partner. The trust is that there is nobody that was born and he became a stud immediately. The more you have sexual intercourse, the better you learn how to have sex with your partner. So even if some sessions were below par, you can always try again and get better with time.

Some men sometimes desire to have sex in a particular manner or way, but because they're scared of their wives' perception or opinion, they may find it difficult to express their sexual intentions to their wives and at the same time will find it difficult to have sex with her.
Guilt may arise from parental or societal upbringing, it may be from religious beliefs or from the attitude of his wife during sex.
If a lady constantly nags her husband about how he always demand or desire sex, he will definitely be tuned off from making love to his wife and may end up looking for other avenues to meet his sexual needs.
He may feel like giving his wife a quickie or a random sex in the bathroom but because of guilt may be afraid to try to avoid receiving a negative feedback from his wife.

Unresolved Differences.
Some individuals feel that they can enjoy sexual intimacy with some complex family issues or marital issues, but most times it turns out to become a disaster. If couples are having some challenges or issues, it's best to resolve them before engaging in sexual intimacy, the reason is simple, blood flows when the body is relaxed and the mind is free of any misunderstanding or differences in the marriage. So don't ignore your challenges and expect to experience an explosive sexual intimacy with your husband, it may turn out poorly.

Poor Communication.
When there is little or no communication, sex becomes the worst experience for couples. When there is no communication, sex becomes tedious and challenging. This is because it will reduce sex to competition and turns sex into rape.
For explosive sexual performance, there is every need for deep communication and mutual understanding during sexual intimacy. Talking to your husband during sex boosts his confidence and self esteem, crushes every fear and guilt in him and replaces his anxiety with more energy to satisfy your sexual needs.

Understanding the psychological factors that has the potential to turn a beautiful romance into a terrible evening will help you understand how best to support your husband and help him perform better in bed.

Sex doesn't begin when couples are naked, it begins with how you relate with your husband, communicate with him and how comfortable you are with him. So don't just complain about his performance but get closer to him and find out what he maybe struggling with so that both of you can work on them and get your grooves back.
Always remember that great sex is possible and both of you can make the best memories of your marriage with explosive sex.

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