Thursday, August 25, 2016

Don't You Know that You are a Mermaid?

My name is M***, am from ***, Ezeagu L.G.A, Enugu state. Am a fresh graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri Imo State. Am 25 years. 

In 2008, when I was 17 years, my parents married me off to a 48 years old man because he was rich and they hoped he would help the family. I was only a child and did not know what I was going into. I only finished my secondary school education then, I also wrote jamb and was given admission to study law, but because of the man I had to forfeit it.. 

All I knew was that my parents where happy and they knew what's best for me.. Without asking any questions I was married off to this man...
I started my life as a woman with him. My experience with him is better not said. I lived with him for eight months and the union crashed
In 2010, I got married again, but this time to a young guy, we where in love and we bonded well.. We connected and communicated very well. Everything was going on well till some weeks to our wedding. 
His mum wanted to be the one to hire my wedding dress and choose a color for me but I refused and that killed the relationship with me and the sisters... He has six sisters and he's the only son. 
Before the wedding, he took ill and everybody assumed it was wedding stress.. So after the wedding, the sickness continued, and he and his family started suspecting one of his friends who he said he ate with before the wedding, that the guy had poisoned him. Everybody started praying and nothing happened.. 
Again they said one woman gave us broom as a wedding gift, that it was the woman. Again we started praying against the woman and nothing happened. One of the sisters is the one seeing all this vision because they said she receives "message " from Virgin Mary. 
He went to Nsukka for the poison and they gave him some herbal medicine, still nothing happened. And after all these, he started going to the hospital. Today they will say it's cholesterol, tomorrow it's another thing. It went on till he decided we go back to Lagos because all those while we've been at his family house. And then I was pregnant... 
We got back to Lagos and some days after, I had miscarriage.. It was terrible!! The pain was something else and I was just 19 years then... On his own side, he was still sick.. His parents suggested we come down to the east and we did, then I was still bleeding.. Some weeks after we came back from Lagos, his mother said that she will take me to one prayer in the parish and that was when the main problem started.
We went for the prayer and the woman said to me, before my mother in-law, "don't you know you are an ogbanje (mermaid), you are responsible for your husband's illness.. Your members wants to kill him".. 
From that day, I became an enemy to everyone in the house including my husband. They disassociated from me, no one talked to me.. It's was hell.. From one prayer house to the other.. We went to one at Ugwu di nso(Holy mountain) at 9th mile Enugu, they had to shave off my hair because the woman said my powers are in my hair.. 
I went through so many thing, I do not want to go into but at the end of the day he divorced me. 
Many other things has happened after then, but even before I even got married, I was told I am to work for God. And after these marriages, the same has been said but in a different way.
A family friend who does his own in the native way told me about my grandma who was a very very powerful, native doctor. He said I reincarnated her, that I am to do what she did.. I've seen same woman in my dream in 2013 and she told me she wants me to start from where she stopped... This family friend has taken me to different native doctors yet nothing happened . 
I have really really suffered.. It's been hell for me here in school. I'll finish my final exams next week Friday and am confused on what to do next. 
I've accepted Christ into my life already. 
I just need you to help me talk to God.. Please pray for me! 
Am in great pains. 

You have met your salvation, your resting place, your refuge and your strength, your strong tower, your shield, and your hiding place. 
Ebenezer is your God, the lion of the tribe of Judea is your father, the ancient of days is your companion and he's your everlasting God. 
I know that you have suffered, I can imagine how much pains you have experienced as a result of your poor foundation and your parent's decision to sell you into slavery in the name of marriage. 
I can imagine all you have been made to believe and accept in your life, I can imagine all that they've accused you of and you have already believed them to be true. 
Today, I stand by the authority of the word of God to announce to you oh daughter of Zion, you are not a mermaid, you are not possessed, you are not an agent of darkness, you are not a reincarnate of anyone whether dead or alive, but an angel of light, the redeemed of the most High God, and the daughter of a loving Father. 
I stand to announce to you that by the virtue of writing to me, every yoke of the enemies, every yoke of wickedness, every yoke of backwardness, every yoke of frustrations, every yoke of struggling, every yoke of darkness, and every yoke of rejection, they've been crushed by the blood of Jesus Christ in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
Please confess this aloud with me, 
'For God, so loved the world including me M***, that he sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross of calvary, that whosoever believes, shall not perish, but shall have an everlasting life. 
Today, I accept that I am a sinner, that God sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross of calvary for my sins. Today,  I decree and proclaim this priceless sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for my life, and I therefore decree that I shall not perish, academically, I shall not perish, spiritually, I shall not perish, maritally I shall not perish, financially, I shall not perish and emotionally, I shall not perish, but shall have an everlasting life in Jesus name Amen. 
Let me pray for you, dear heavenly father, I present your precious and priceless daughter before you. You made her in your image and likeness, and ordained her your minister before she came into this world. 
Lord, the devil have tried, tempted and challenged her but your grace saw her through. Father, please embrace your daughter and give her that peace which surpasses all understanding. Lord favour her and heal her of all the emotional, psychological and spiritual pains that she has been through for eight years, and give her the grace to grow in your word, wisdom and faith in Jesus name Amen. 
As the whole world joins their heart to pray for you, I believe that God will open a new phase of glory for your journey. 
We will definitely have more time to discuss and suggest ways you can maximise your opportunities henceforth. 
There is no need to look backwards, they're already behind you and there's nothing you can do about them, but we can trust God for grace to maximise the best of today so that you will achieve more tomorrow. 
You are blessed, oh daughter of Zion!

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