Thursday, August 25, 2016

He Has a Lot of Health Issues.

Hello Aunty Amara, more power to your elbow. Please help a confused sister with your words of wisdom. My fiancée is in his mid 30's and we have been dating for over two years now. This month he proposed and said he wants us to get married before December.

I love him and he feels the same way but my source of concern is this: He has a lot of health issues. He has diabetes prospects, he has a high blood pressure and also some cardiovascular issues(heart problem).
My Dad says he is not in support of our marriage cos he wouldn't want to jeopardize the future of his only daughter. As it stands, I'm confused but I haven't told him my fears. How do I handle this.

To start with, you have little or no understanding of what love and loving entails because if you do you wouldn't have indirectly concluded the life of this young man whose crime was loving you.
From cradle, our mothers nurtured us, pampered us, protected us and laid down their own lives for our good. They were naked so that we will wear clothes, they used their hands to clean up our buttocks so that we can be celebrated by those around us. That is love.
God saw the weaknesses and the shortcomings of men and decided to come to our rescue, not because we were qualified for his love but because he saw eternal treasures in us and chose not to allow the devil to take glory over his creation. That also is love.
Every individual under the sun is not immune to sicknesses, diseases, infections and other challenges of life but we all live by his grace and trust that he will continue to sustain, protect and preserve us.
If after spending two years of your life, all you knew about him was his medical records, and you feel that you are not comfortable with his medical record, please leave him and perhaps create the the kind of man that won't have any form of sickness in life.
Everyone have the prevalence of suffering one form of sickness or the other but the rate may differ from one individual to another.
Since your father have decided, and you don't know what you need in a man, I will suggest that you return his ring and terminate the relationship.


  1. Hey, health challenges can come at any point in ones life. Ur father who thinks he knws the future just cos God has bleSsed him with good health can go blind from old age, In the past three years of my life I have seen healthy young people die while I live and move about with my physical challenge. Love is our only weapon against the harsh cruelties of life. Love him as God has loved u


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