Thursday, August 25, 2016

Will He be Violent in Marriage?

Good afternoon ma. Please ma, I need your advise and that of your fans. 
I will be 25 next month and he was 29 in June. We both love each other but am scared he may beat me up when we get married..
My reason is this, there was a night we had a misunderstanding

about a guy am chatting with on WhatsApp which I have nothing with, he brought out his belt that night and threatened to use it on me, but he did not hit me with it, then few weeks ago, we still had a misunderstanding about another guy, he almost slapped me in the bank. Don't you think he will get more violent in marriage? 
Please advise me.

There are lots of indicators that suggest that he may be abusive if you marry him, considering not just this mail but the previous mail where he shut you down read»» He Always Shuts me Down . 
Again, there's also some likelihood that your chats or attitude may have been provocative which made him react in such a manner. While I won't encourage you to settle down with a man who has abusive tendencies, I will be deceiving you if I do not tell you to amend your character and learn to respect your partner or avoid things that you know may trigger his weaknesses or anger. 
Your partner may be experiencing inferiority complex, low self esteem and insecurity, and as a result is working extremely hard to suppress you and make sure that you're subjected to his authority. 
This is not healthy for a long term relationship because it may lead to depression and anxiety, also he may not give you the enabling environment to be yourself and still be appreciated and cherished by him. 

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  1. Understanding matters a lot ,and any man that attemp violently to pass out his displeasure,will one day executive it.
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