Thursday, August 25, 2016

The 'Lady' Every Man Desires.

I was reflecting on the pains and struggles that many ladies go through in relationships, from friendship and dating to marriage, and I discovered that there could be ways to make this beautiful intention of God more blissful and fulfilling than what some ladies are experiencing in their lives.

All ladies may fit into what a man wants but most of some doesn't fit into what a man need

If your services to a man is limited to the bed exercise, then he only wants you(that is to say that he uses you to meet his selfish need). Sooner or later, he will be done with you which I believe you don't deserve as a lady.

How then do you become the lady that every man desires to spend the rest of their lives with?
The kind of lady a man can give his all to have her build his home and groom his children.

If that is your desire then this article will greatly teach you what you need to know and how you can attain to that goal in your life.

I always say that marriage is God's creation for the good of man and it is a need that Heaven has made provision for, so you should be glad that you have such desire to get married someday because God has made a man suiting for that purpose. 
Having said that, I'll go ahead to tell you the secrets of becoming a lady every man need

> Be a Lady who Trusts wholly in God (Let it be to Me according to your Word... LUKE 1vs 38)
A lady who trusts in God wholly and serves Him in spirit and in truth commands the respect of every man. The reason is simple, men don't play with what God has sealed nor will they abuse you because they know who your father is.
Such a lady attract serious men whom God has revealed that it is not good for them to live alone.

>>Be a Lady who knows your Self Worth/Identity  (A good woman is hard to find and worth far more than diamonds... PROV 31vs10 TM)
I understand you feel you're in a competition with other ladies to win a man's attention but the honest truth is that you have a specific man and was made for a specific purpose here on earth. The mere fact that you are unique in your outlook says it all. Stop competing with anyone beautiful, you worth far more than the dollars in his account and the Cars he ride. Don't sell your value to things that have no value. If all he can offer is money, then he may as well use it to buy your services without meeting your need.
Your womb is so expensive that no amount of money can replace it nor will any wealth nurture a growing baby in your tummy.
Your milk is the best therapy for his baby and no formulation in this universe can beat the content of your breast milk.

Your worth is far beyond what anyone can offer as a paycheck.
Discover who you are and carry yourself with great pride. In fact men pursue ladies who know their worth much more than they do to those who doesn't value their personality.

>>>Be An Industrious Lady (She's Skilled... PROV 31vs19... TM)
Don't live your life wearing a tag that reads, 'a desperate lady in need of a husband is around the corner' or one that suggests, 'I'm nothing without a man beside me'. They are both the worst signal a man ever wish to see. If anything, men tend to say something like '' since she's of no worth, it won't be harmful to use and dump her. Get busy, get a life. What can you do??? Is it cooking or singing or fashion designing or make up artiste?? Then get going and give it your very best. Cos when you're busy with your assignment, God will bring him to you. Don't lock yourself in your apartment and expect a man to come knocking with a tag written ''i'm your husband'' on him.
Remember when you are industrious, men see you as an asset they can invest in and not a liability they'll live with. So go all ahead, study,learn, improve on yourself and don't let each day pass without learning something new.

>>>>Be Confident, Cheerful and Respectful. (she treats him generously all her life long... PROV 31 vs 12 TM).
One of the striking and admirable qualities men cherish in ladies is confidence cos he wants a bride he can present to the world with great pride, and a lady short of confidence can't be his favourite. Another quality that turns most men on is respect. They crave for it like ladies crave for chocolate and there's no substitute for respect in a man's life.
Make him feel less of a man and his ego is crushed brutally. Just as a ladies longs to hear 'I love you' so do men long to hear 'I respect you'. And the way you present yourself tells so much to a man about you. Look shy and intimidated and he'll take advantage of you but look happy,optimistic,hopeful,grateful and contented and he'll always long for your company all the days of his life.

A beautiful face or an adorable body is a delight to men. Their eyes are ever ready to capture every beautiful aspect of a lady and so is their heart receptive to every beautiful intent of a lady's heart or disposition from her communication to her attitude. God made you so beautiful that no man in the whole world can create such masterpiece. That's amazing you know, and that has already positioned you to receiving your husband so what do you add to your beauty?? You guessed right, it's expression. The expression of your beauty will make a confused man to make up his mind. 
Being his shoulder when he's weak and worried; encouraging him to believe in his vision; praying for him; giving him wise counsel whenever he needs it; supporting him when he's failing and disagreeing with him with all truthfulness and love. Doing these and many others will always make him choose you over all the ladies in the world.

So you see, you are not in a competition with any lady after all, rather you only need to take these steps and prayerfully wait for him to locate you.
When he meets you, he'll definitely recognize you just as Adam did when God presented Eve to him.
While you're at it, commit him to God in prayers and continue to pray that God will strengthen him in every areas of his life. If you desire a home of your own and a man of your dreams, you desire a good thing and God who made Adam before he brought Eve to him will send your husband to you in no distant time.

You deserve love and all that God has promised you in his word which includes your husband.

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Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)